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Merry Christmas!

Enjoy this wonderful time of the year! Stay close to the ones you love and don’t forget to tell them how much they mean to you!

Merry Christmas!

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Things To Do in Silicon Valley As a Programmer or Tech Enthusiast

For people working in the technology industry, it is almost impossible to avoid a trip to Silicon Valley. But why would you want to? There are a handful of great things to do for anyone traveling to the valley, but for someone with a passion for technology, the opportunities are endless. This guide will describe a few of the must-try things to do while in the Valley as a programmer, startup founder, investor, or overall lover of technology.

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AIG Resistivity Method

If you are going to be doing a scientific experiment to test the soil in a certain area, you probably have a few end goals. For one thing, you want to find out what is included in the soil, looking for things like nitrogen, when can be very important to plant growth.
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