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Secure data storage is more important than ever

In today’s society, making sure your corporate or business data is secure is paramount to the safety of your clients, customers, and staff members. It seems as though news of another new virus or data breach breaks every day, with even multi-million dollar corporations falling victim to problems that were preventable with a little security.
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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the way of the future. But what if you’re still not convinced of this technological wizardry? What if you’re a little unsure about jumping ship from your old way of business to a brand new one? Here are just five benefits of cloud computing that you’re sure to enjoy despite your reservations.
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E-commerce Website Design

When the list of massive technological achievements and breakthroughs of the 21st century is recounted, the advent of the Internet is sure to be at the top. Technology has unveiled boundless new worlds of possibility for science, politics, culture, and commerce.
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Find Cheap Domain Register

It’s about to be a shark tank in August with ICANN’s release of new gTLDs. These will range from every type of extension imaginable like .baby or .goo. Companies have already jumped ahead to get their own extensions like .Microsoft and .Netflix.
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SolidCactus Comparison Shopping Engine Management

With the continued growth of the Internet, there is a constant stream of new companies that are created to address specific online market needs.
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Sell online with 1ShoppingCart

Selling online is getting more and more popular. Businesses realize how imperative it is to have an eCommerce site that is organized and secure for shoppers to buy products and browse specials.
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eCommerce Web Design Services

When you are starting an eCommerce site, it’s easy to focus on the products and making sure that the technical side of things works correctly. Unfortunately, this isn’t all that is involved in running a successful website.
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The Importance of Reputation in Business

In the world of business, your reputation is an extremely important commodity. Especially in today’s world of instant information and instant communication, your reputation will almost always precede you. The extremely sensitive nature of what your online reputation can do to and for your business means you should take it seriously. After all, your reputation can be one of the major deciding factors in whether or not someone decides to contact you in the first place.

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The Carbon Impact of the Internet Age

There has been a lot of pre-apocalypse hysteria going around of late and to anyone who is as superstitious as numerologists you’ll notice that most of the present doomsayers are transfixed on dates that have the digits 2 and 1. I’m not saying that the world will end when 2 become 1, I’m just saying in recent light of the past natural disasters I think we should seriously consider how we use our resources and focus on green technology.

Now with that thought in mind, the question is: Do the benefits of the Internet outweigh the unlimited hosting costs of its energy consumption and CO2 emissions?

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