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Javascript - text resize with cookie

I was telling you in a previous article how you can give your site’s visitors the possibility to see your page’s content at different text sizes, using javascript. Let’s take this further and think a little about the user… now, if he really needs a bigger text size, then he will have to use those buttons or links on each page - not so convenient, right?
Well, don’t you worry about this because that’s what we have cookies for!

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Javascript - text resize

If you want to give your site’s visitors the possibility to see your page’s content at different text sizes, you can do it with the following javascript text resize solution.

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Javascript - convert strings to numbers

How to convert strings to numbers in JavaScript?
To convert a string to a number, use the JavaScript function parseFloat or parseInt

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Ecommerce question

Which is better – to have a shopping cart installed on my server or use a hosted ecommerce software?

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How To Check Nofollow Links

I received lately emails from people, who have their website on my Do Follow List, asking me to check if they installed the do-follow plugin correctly or if they managed to remove nofollow tag from Blogger.
So, I thought it’s better to write this post about how to check nofollow links.

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Cross-Browser Compatibility - Why?!

I’m already sick of these cross-browsers compatibility issues and I guess that all web developers are too! It is driving me crazy - each time I do or add something I have to check to see how it looks in different browsers. And many of these times something is not ok and I have to loose time searching and fixing those little **** things, instead of going further…

Popularity: 8% [?]

Wordpress Plugin - AdMan II

AdMan II is a Wordpress Plugin for inserting ads right in the content of your posts.

Popularity: 42% [?]

Javascript - convert numbers to strings

How to convert a float or interger value to string using javascript?

Popularity: 98% [?]

PHP into .html file

add php code into .html (or .htm) file

Popularity: 32% [?]

Get users born today

If you need a sql statement or a php script to return all the users born today

Popularity: 5% [?]

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