Friday Special: Funny Bull Related Pictures

Thank God it’s Friday again! I can’t wait for weekend to start and what a better way to surpass the remaining hours than looking at some funny pictures and pass the link to all your friends! :)

Today theme is The Bull and the following are funny bull related pictures that had been taken just at the right moment!

This is how a furious bull looks like from close range! I guess that was the last pictures taken by that camera….

bull closeup
bull closeup

Just imagine that an angry bull is coming directly at you and you have just a few seconds to think about an escape - what do you do?

I bet that you didn’t think that you can ditch a bull by jumping over it… right?
This proves to be a very effective method as long as you are very bold and in good shape! If they can do it, why won’t you?!

over the bull
over the bull
over the bull 2
over the bull 2

You can even try to slide under it, but it’s way more difficult and it really depends on the bull’s mood!

sliding under the bull
sliding under the bull

Of course, you can always jump into the nearest water to get away from an angry bull…

get away from the bull
get away from the bull

Sometimes, if the bull is very angry, jumping into water doesn’t necessary mean that you are safe from danger… maybe the bull is looking to cool off as well!

very angry bull
very angry bull

Well, whatever you think of, rethink it now and be prepared for that encounter or else

and the bull wins
and the bull wins
and the bull wins 2
and the bull wins 2

By the way, this is bull’s favorite method of punishing humans! Ouchhhhh!

Have a great weekend!

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Reader Comments

Man those last 2 must have hurt so bad. I could never understand the thrill in such sports. Is it worth risking your manhood? I don’t think so.

Nickoo, I must appreciate your sense of humor and the patience that you have shown to collect these shots and your comments are even better. Thanks.
Nicloe, I have read that the manhood portrayed in these photographs are usulally just stuffed cloth! Macho Spaniards, do not need these stunts! Incidentally, I am not a Spaniard, and I too do not like the sport.

I really dislike the sport but these are some great pix! Don’t know whether to laugh or to wince :)

This is very dangerous game and I dislike it.

Get away from the bull has to be the best. I can just imagine a cartoon equivelant where the bull jumps in a boat.

Those are great pictures. I especially like the first one. :)

Thanks for the comment on my site. Unfortunately that format doesn’t work with WP2.5. I’ve tried it already and it creates a ton of 404 errors. :( I’m stuck with ugly page ID’s for now.

The last photo is a classic, I’ve seen it so many times around the place..the timing by the photographer is fantastic… Mainly because the pain hasn’t even started to show on the matadors face at this moment.A fraction later he would certainly have realized the error of his ways!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I think that must have hurt big time. Whoa! I am never going near a bull! Ouch!

Oh My God! The last two were positively scary!
It must’ve hurt like hell! I’ve no idea what these men get out of stunts like these! :shock:

Thats funny. Shame they kill the poor bugger though!

hehe.. i like the look of the man jumping in the water while looking at that friendly bull.. and also this phrase “I guess that was the last pictures taken by that camera‚Ķ.” lol.. thanks for the post!

If its not for the tradition, for me this animal is not safe to play with.

this is so funny, i got a stomachache

:mrgreen: That is superman in the second picture! That’s how he would fight a bull anyway lol…

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