Funny Monday: Funniest Home Videos 224 & 229

Another Monday, so it’s time for another Funny Monday!

First funny movie is about cats and dogs!
The second funny movie is about all kinds of animals!

Have fun!

Funniest Home Videos Part 224 - Cats & Dogs

Funniest Home Videos Part 229 - Animals Special

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Check out this video!!

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Reader Comments

I was LOL’ing alot watching these funny videos =D

Those videos are hilarious! It’s just a reminder how entertaining animals can be

Hilarious videos, thanks for the post.

it takes loneliness away i really like it.

I found the video very funny thanks

My dog used to do the same thing every time he sees himself on the mirror. These videos are really entertaining. Don’t you just love pets?

A greeting from Spain. Passed by this blog by chance and liked his ma and wave energy. Enjoy your meal and continue. King

You can easily tell how much these pet owners love their animals, and these videos explain why. Great fun to watch.

Great movies on cats and dogs which I am watching for the first time. I often wonder if people know what they are celebrating. Nice stuff!

truly funny! its very hard to stop laughing.
Thanks! making laugh for other persons is truly great.
Best Of Luck!

Those were some funny videos.

Wow, those were hilarious. I especially liked the one about the cat and the Ken doll.

The look alikes are great. Jane and Pepper are my favorite! Be careful though can you put TV prgrammes on you tube aren’t they cracking down on it?
Thanks Nickoo

I love the furry little creatures!!!!! They can always make you smile even when things are bad, especially when your in the midst of a rotting economy.

Strange animals. Hilarious video.

Very funny videos indeed. Great time killer vids. thanks :grin:

Watching funny video’s like this eases a lot of tension…thanks for sharing the video

A great way to start the week…excellent video

It is good to start the week smiling

Really make me laugh ..very funny video.thanks for sharing.

haha….. I love dogs! really funny video! non-shop laughing~~ dogs and cats are my friends!

It’s pretty nice if you have pets at home. It releases your stress and worries.Moreover, you can always wear a smile in your face.

Foarte haioase animalele astea…te bine dispun.

Gotta love the fact that these people had a camera rolling for all these moments.

Animalele seamana foarte bine cu stapanii!Nu numai la fizionomie dar si la caracter cateodata!

You can always rely on pets to make you laugh.

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