Funny Monday: Truth in Advertising

Another Monday, so it’s time for another Funny Monday!

This week movie is about what really happen in advertising!


Truth in Advertising

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Check out this video!!

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Reader Comments

A different kind of humor, but funny nevertheless. I missed the slap stick variety though!

Gosh all that is far too familiar :-(

well i can say that i hate mondays… :) i remember something funny, something like that “good morning is a contradiction in terms” :)

lol, great video. it was a little long but worth the watch. thanks for the post.

:)) very funny video.thanks for sharing it!

Generally people are bored at monday.There should be something funny in all days enjoying the life.

interesting site it really learns me a lot.

What happened Nickoo? It is already Tuesday and no new post? The week will not be the same!

Better late than at all… right? :)

LOL, this is hysterical! Love the “this is the final nail in the creative coffin” line.

And the “I was trained in business school to say something positive than screw somebody over” bit. Yep, that’s what they teach you - I was taught the same thing.

Monday is the first day and here is different pattern every one likes to work on Monday not fun.

it is very interesting blog.i hope all are reading this blog.thank u for sharing.i recommend with my friends also.

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