Try not to laugh!

Do you think you can resist without laughing?

Well, how did you do? :)

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Check out this video!!

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Reader Comments

Frate, sincer acest comedy act…e beton…da toata munca o face the old man :)) numai la americani se poate intampla asa ceva :) revenind la lucruri mai serioase, felicitari pt site urile pe care le ai facut ! keep up the good work !

Multumesc :)

M-am chinuit putin, da’ am reusit :))
Nu-s foarte zamberet de felul meu, sunt mai sobru. Nu mi-a fost foarte greu.


Wow, that was funny. What channel is this on?

As i think its impossible in front of this.

Yeah it’s funny coz he keeps hitting the guys with that yellow thing..

Really funny! title is opposite to data. Its very hard to stop laugh. I am laughing and will laugh.

lol that guy’s laugh is awesome. Im surprised he didn’t pass out from laughing so much.

I love these kinds of videos. I watch them all the time.

sorry i cant do that.

really funny video.thats guy’s laughing is so different and awesome.i really enjoying from it.Is it possible?

I managed to resist only 5 seconds.
Super kool

Just watching this made me laugh hard lol.

wow lol this is hilarious

Uncle bob’s laugh is so hilarious. I cant stop laughing.

Excellent post, and by the way, nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

are you kidding me ? i just cannot stop laughing………..ha……..ha……….
best regards.

That is absolutely hilarious :D I had a good laugh here! Thanks for sharing that video.

Bloody hilarious. I thought it was going to be stupid as until he started laughing…

Great video.

How red does his face get hahahah

poor guy.

I love this guy. Ive seen him in a couple of other of his videos on youtube. Funny Video!

:))) Nu am reusit sa am abtin….foarte tare comedianul.

Lol ! cat poate rade omu` ala :)

Can’t stop laughing…really enjoyed it

I tried not to laugh, but could not control my laughter…it is so funny

sry dude i failed to resist mah laugh…it’s awesome heheh…and tht oldman’s sound is superb lol

usor de zis greu de facut…cum sa ne abtinem? :))))

Wow! This is incredible! It really made me laugh.This is the best medicine…Thank u.

Sincer, pana la un moment dat am reusit, dar crede-ma ca imi muscam buzele :D

Nici n-am vrut sa ma abtin am ras cu lacrimi, acum daca esti suparat sau te gandesti la altceva normal ca nu razi dar daca esti bine dispus filmuletul asta iti pune capac :)

Wow! I laughed during this whole video. Just priceless. How on earth do you develop a laugh like that :D haha

Foarte amuzant clipul, nu poti sa te abtii sa nu razi, daca esti suparat asa ceva te binedispune. Felictari pentru site-ul facut.

Eu sunt mai zambareata de felul meu si nu am reusit sa ma abtin.Si am ras in voie,e voie?

Not possible cant stop laughing lol :)

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