What’s your Soul app?

Here is a nice and funny ad about Kia Soul, where you can control your car from your mobile! Pretty coll, right?

Check out the movie and find fantastic apps just in time for the world’s biggest football tournament!


By the way, Soul apps that appear in this movie are only meant for your imagination - they are not real! :)

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Check out this video!!

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Reader Comments

wow cool stuff
wonder if it’s real
all i need is only handing my gadget and get ready to drive.

Ultra-high-end “exotic” tool!

Great energetic video. it make my day thanks dear for sharing

Ce tare e reclama :)) eu credeam ca e de la Ford prima oara si pe urma de la iphone :)) Tare oricum

Fun commercial– I’m not a Kia fan but I could see ‘fun’ commercials like this help them change their image in the US, at least for this car. Then it still needs to run good/be reliable for 10 years, and maybe we’ll stop thinking of them the way we do now.

Good ad actually. Before watching the video, I thought you can really control your car through your phone. Then I saw the last paragraph below the video and just thought, “you got me”.lol

You know, it probably won’t be too many more years before some of this technology is available for everyday use!
Now won’t that be fun? :-)

Yes! this is not real at this time but it will be real after just short time. It will be really fun to control the car by mobile phone.

Yes, I have watch these video. I think its really cool. Now,, I can imagine how my car can controlled by my mobile phone.. its funny

That is a Great Commercial! I love the imaginations of marketing and Ad people esp when they are not trying to manipulate me!

Do we need a psycological text before using it?:))

I think the first thing that comes to mind when lookin at that app is “if only.” However, I bet we will see things like this before our time on earth is over…How long is it before we start flying cars?


@xander: how to hack can you ask if it’s real? com on dude :))))

anyway, nicely made video !

Super reclama la KIA!Si usor de controlat masina,doar cu un telefon mobil,as vrea si eu una!!

Parerea mea este ca aceasta masina este visul oricarui sofer, cel putin pentru mine ar fi masina perfecta. Dar probabil ca va ramane doar un vis…

Great clip!You can close your wife in the car and control her with the phone!:)

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