Do Follow List Subscription

The Do Follow List contains now more than 400 links to sites which have the “no follow” tag disabled from the comments, which means that if you comment on these sites, you will get an actual link back to your site.

Right now the new blogs’ additions will appear on top of the list, but soon I’ll change that to a more useful order based on the blogs’ “power”. (I’m not sure about this part yet…)

New feature: Next to each link on my Do Follow List you can find the blog’s tehnorati rank.

If you find this Do Follow List useful, please consider linking to it.
You can use this piece of code:
<a href="">Do Follow List</a>

If you would like to be included on this Do Follow List, please use the contact page or post a comment here with your blog name and link.
The comment will be held for moderation, but I’m checking my site several times a day so it won’t be long until your site will be on the Do Follow List.
Oh, and I’ll check if you really follow as well. :wink:

If you think that a certain site shouldn’t be on the list, please let me know so I can remove it.

In case you want to let your visitors know that you are part of the Do Follow Movement, you can use one of the I Follow Images - there are different shapes and colors to choose from.

Thank you all for your collaboration and I’m hoping that my Do Follow List will help each of you as much as possible!


P.S. Due to the large number of comments on this post, I decided to make the comments nofollow on it.

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Reader Comments


My new blog has no-follow disabled. It’s at

Could you add it to the list please



Thanks for the lead to your list! Please add me..Zen Zoomie’s Place is full-up “Do-Follow” on comments.


Chronicles of a (Wannabe) Pro Blogger

Here’s mine

Thanks for letting me know about your list.


And mine is

Thanks in advance!

Please add my blog


You can add my site to the list if you like:

Thanks for commenting about this list on my blog and I would like to be added, thanks

Mine one is
Thanks a lot!

@ Ray

I don’t see yours to be do-follow… If you don’t know what it takes just read my Do Follow post.

Let me know afterwards and I’ll add yours to the list.

Distressed Derma

I am so happy that there is an easy way to remove the “no follow” tags. I’ve been using Spam Karma and it does a fabulous job of capturing spam - thereby eliminating the need for the “no-follow” tag. Now I can shower my blog commenters and those who link back with linky love - while spammers are sent into the dark pit of Spammer hell called Spam Karma.

I’ve disabled no-follow on my new blog at Please add me to the list!
I used the plugin from but I misunderstood the aging comments option and left it at the default 30 days. I didn’t realise that it meant no-follow would not be removed for 30 days. I’ve since changed it to 0 days so no-follow is removed immediately. So if you use this plugin remember to check the options page!

please add to your “do follow” list.

My blogs at and have the dofollow turned on!

Hi Nick, Thanks for your invite I like your taking initiative on this - good on ya!
Yes, please do add me to your list, and I wish you great success with it and your blog. Cheers!

both and have the nofollows removed after someone makes ten comments using the same email address. Don’t know if that counts, but there ya go.

@ Sam

I think that it wouldn’t be fair to the others to put yours to the list.
Have you considered reducing the number to 2 or 3?

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for the tip. Joe Bartender is a do-follow site, so stop by, leave a good comment and get some nice link action!

Joe Bartender - Mixed Drink Recipes and Bartending Action!

hi Nick
I have just removed no follow from
I think I have done it correctly.:)
could you please add me to your list thank you
regards Kim

Hi Kim,
I’ve checked your site and it’s not ok - your comments still have the nofollow tag.

Check out this post - Remove NoFollow tag from Blogger - and follow the steps from there.

Let me know when I can check again.

Thanks for your interest!

My blog’s Do-Follow.
I also do follow backlinks, so you should get a link back automatically :)

My blog:

I also added your link directory link into my blog.

I would be happy to let Neomeme join your list.

I’ve gone do-follow.
The Wibbly Weblog
Thank you.

I just added Do-Follow to my new blog at

Thanks for the list! Could you add my blog?

Thanks for adding our blog to the Do Follow list!

Dear Dr.MOZ

Have a great weekend!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to add to the list as well as making the list available.

Please include my site:

How to Wake Up Early

//Sleeping Dude

I’m a follower too! Thanks!

I’m a definite follower!


Thanks a lot.

Just joined the No Nofollow movement. Let’s keep it going to get back to the real idea of the web! No More Nofollow!


Here’s mine too. Cheers mate!

Vincent Liu

Hi, Can you please add my site ( to the list. It’s dofollow after 2 days for comments on posts, but not on the home page.

I have a blog at with no-follow removed.

To check here is a link to a page with some comments.

Thanks for your time…

Hi Nicusor,
I’ve written up the Do Follow List at my site, in case you want to read about it. It’s not all positive, but at the end of the day, I agree with what you’re doing and support you.

please add my to your do-follow blogroll.



Thanks Stephen for your post about Do Follow List and for your support.
I understand your point and I’m going to write something about this asap.


P.S. Your website link on the list is now without nofollow tag.

Great post on the dofollow tag. I have a couple sites I would like to add to the site: which is a blog I recently started about this subject, which is my music blog.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Thanks for all of the valuable information!

It’s good to know that people appreciate my work :)

My blog have no-follow disabled. Thanks

Sorry for the bad grammar on my last request. I was going to give you two blogs but I felt greedy and took one off but did not change the wording. DUH. Oh well here is my other no-follow disabled blog. Thanks

Thank you Rebecca for your support of Do Follow!

I would like to be added to the list. thx.

You are now… :)
Thank you Israel for your support of Do Follow!

thx for adding me.

Hi Nick,

This is the 3rd time I’ve asked to be added to the list:

I love the idea and I really appreciate your help in adding me. I have already devoted quite a few hours to the list and those on it.



Its ironic that many bloggers talk about this but then they actually use no follow I have seen many blogs leeching off the dofollow movement claiming to be dofollow sites but actually use nofollow, they are worse than the comment spammers in my eyes.

Please add my site to the dofollow list



If you think that a certain site shouldn’t be on the Do Follow List, please let me know so I can remove it!

Patrick and Martin, your blogs are listed now!

Thank you for your support of Do Follow!

Please add me to the DoFollow list. The site name is Thailand Musings and it is at Thanks man!

I would love to be added to the list:

Bust A Change - Fanatic About Innovation

Thanks and great work!

Thanks! You’re on! :)

[…] Commented Post: Do Follow List Subscription - 56 […]

I would like to be added to the D-list. My blog is Niagara Rents Blog
Thank you

Hi, I would like to be added to the list. Thank you :)

I would like to be on the list - my blog information is added above - thank you - I have the image on my blog too! Great idea!

Hi Nic! is now ‘dofollow’ ing…can we have an add?

tnx! :)

I’d like to be listed here as well ! I Follow ;)

I would like to be added to the do-follow list please. Feel free to comment on my blog for a backlink.


We like to be included in the list. Ous is a link loving blog. We have NoFollowFree and CommentLuv installed.

Thank you.

:roll: I would like to be added on to your list I think this is a great idea, I have a blog that posts this and that - page rank 4 Thanks. Http://

:lol: Please add this blog onto you Do follow list Id like to be a part of this list and thanks.

thanks for the great list, you are ROCK!!!!!

Please add my webmaster and seo related blog (dofollow blog) to your list.

that was really fast. thanks for adding our blog to your list.

:roll: Happy New Year Do add this to your Do Follow List I want to be a part of the movement and I invite you all to stop by and visit you will never be bored and its fun to visit and look at the weird and funny stuff on this blog. There is something for everyone.

Happy New Year!

You were added already ;)

Just wanted to add my blog to the do-follow list. Thanks for the oppurtunity.

I took the plunge and added the do-follow wordpress plugin to my blog. I guess we’ll see how it goes!

I have do-follow on my site
and would like to be included in your list

@ Urban Clothing
You should remove the condition of being logged in to post a comment!

@ webrunner
I’m not seeing the do-follow links - do you have some sort of minimum limit of comments?


Thanks for the opportunity to join your list of do-follow blogs. Every blog should be do-follow, but for some reasons the guys upstairs in Wordpress disagree… hmmm..

Anyways, the site is and it gives ine seo tip a day to help people suck less at SEO.

Thanks, Brad

I installed the Dofollow plugin from Semiologic v.3 but I’m told it’s not working. I will have to do some research to troubleshoot this. Any suggestions on fixing?

Now it’s working :)

Thanks for the great post.

I’ve downloaded and I’m using the Wordpress no follow plug in and I’m submitting my site to some of the do follow directories; I appreciate the opportunity to list mine here.

Right now you are featured front and center on my site as a “Green” blogger (that’s how I think of it - green for nurturing the blogosphere and encouraging bloggers towards the moolah shade of green ;o).

If you hit the site in several days you might be pushed off the front page which means you’ll find your link here as well as in the “Links” section under “Blogging - Do Follow”.

Feel free to add you blog to the Link Exchange section as well, if you feel like you need a third one there (smile).

Take care,
Tracy A. Phaup

Hi there, I now follow. :)

Hi..thanx for the opportunity. I’ve been no-follow free for quite some time now..would like to be included in your list :)

I’ve linked my do-follow image to this post. Thanks!

You are listed!

Black Zedd, thanks for the back-link, but it would be better to link directly to the Do Follow List page instead.
Oh, and your image doesn’t show for visitors.


My bad…I’ve fixed the image and the link..Thanks Nicusor for mentioning it..and of course..for the inclusion. Have a great day!

That’s perfect!
And for that, your link on the list is now do follow!

Great list of DoFollow Blogs. Can you add my blog to the list? Thanks!

Great concept that DoFollow list. I’ve removed the tag on my blog comments too, so would you add my blog on the list too?

Thanx in advance,


Yes, it is and I’m happy that more and more are adhering to the Do Follow Movement! Thank you as well!


I installed the do-follow plug this morning and would like to be included :D

I have installed a dofollow plug in. Would appreciate being added to the list :wink:

Thanks for the excellent list. I’m a newcomer to the Dofollow movement myself and would love to be included!



I set up my college website for dofollow, too. I actually decided to change it after finding Brian’s website. ;)


My blog has been DoFollow for some time now. I’d like it to be included in the list, if possible. Thanks.

Treasure Nature

This is awesome! After checking out some of these sites I see they are still getting quality comments!
May i will put this things in my blog too :)
BTW, will it increase technorati rank ??

I cannot stop you from copying the link, but I would prefer you just link to the list (you have the details above), since I asked them to join or they ask me to add them…

The list will not increase your technorati rank, your comments on these sites will!


I would like this site added to the list…

I have removed NoFollow from the comments.

Thank you.


great working keep the D-list going. Could you add my cooking blog: to your list please. It has the do-follow plugin installed. thanks!

I would love to be added to your dofollow list please.

Could you please add my blog to your list. Thanks

My latest blog is DoFollow and can be found here -

Thanks for your information and narration on diabling no follow link. Please add mine to your list


It is good to know this. I got this from DP forum. Thanks for the info and add mine to the list

thanks again
Peter Benders

@ Jennifer & Peter

I can’t add you right now because you have way too few posts on your blogs. Please come back here later when you’ll have more posts so that people can pick to comment on.


I’d love it if you would add my site to your list!

yes! i power DoFollow :)
Rani the Brainy | General Fun
please add it to the list!

Yes, please add my two blogs:

Thansk so much.


You are now listed! Enjoy!

You need to leave the comments open to everybody before I can add your blogs to the list.

Thanks for the list!

I just installed dofollow to my WixbizOnline Blog.

Thanks for the leadership in this. My blog has No-Follow OFF.

Making Perfect Sense

You need to leave the comments open to everybody before I can add your blogs to the list.

Please add mine too.


Hi Nikoo,

Thanks for keeping this list. It’s a very useful resource for me.

Could you please add my blog at which uses the Do follow attribute.


Please add my blog to this list. I’m just getting started and I would appreciate the help–I will add your blog to my blogroll, too! :grin:

Hi, thanks for the offer to add blogs to your do-follow list… mine is

Many thanks, Dan

Here is another do follow blog for your blog list,

Please add this to your dofollow list.

You are the MAN. Thanks for taking the time to make a list like this, we all owe you a brew.

Here’s my modest addition:

Thanks soooo much!

You can add my blog here, it also a “do-follow” enabled blog

Please add my Do-Follow blog:


Thanks for allowing me to be placed upon the list of fame.

Great list!
My blog with DoFollow Comments

Could you add it to the list please

One more site for your loyal readers. Come comment! I’ll approve most comments (but please give me more than ‘Nice blog dude..’)

Hey sounds good to me!
My blog has to do with women who catfight and wrestle, but if you leave a comment on topic, I won’t delete you, and will give you the free PR!

Please add me to your list btw! is now a do-follow blog.



We are a PR4 site, approx 163,000 Alexa rating and are NOFOLLOW FRIENDLY! Love to be included in your list.


Could my blog be added?

The Red Stapler Chronicles



Is is possible to include our do-follow real estate blog in this list? It’s a great blog on local real estate in San Diego County. Thank you for your consideration.

Here is my blogsite

I’m glad I found this site

We are a DO-FOLLOW believer, and it will be really great if you could include our blog into the list.


My blog is do follow. Here’s the URL:

Thanks for this list!

I’ve also got a dofollow blog, also commentluv activated. it’s

please add my blog to the list:

Driving The Flies


Salut Nicusor, poti sa ma treci pe lista pretty please - folosesc DoFollow si KeywordLuv. Merci, Ema

I also follow with


Can you please list my blog at your dofollow list?

I changed my blog to dofollow today.

Thanks in Advance!


Hi Nicusor!
Can you please add my do-follow blog at your dofollow list?
Thanks !

That’s an amazingly impressive list, well done and thanks for all the work, it’s much appreciated.

I’d love it if you could add our site to your list, as we dofollow on all our comments posted.

Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

Thanks for your appreciation!
Unfortunately, I can’t add your site to my list because commenting requires registration.

Thanks for letting me know about the list. You can also add my blog, as it is do follow:

Hi great list! Please add my blog to the do follow list as we’ve disabled that feature…

Hello, can you please include my blogs in your do-follow list. First is and the scond is



Hi Nicusor,
Sorry, I did something wrong.
Here is mine it’s now do follow. Thank you.

I’ve just added dofollow to my blog - didnt even know there was such a thing as nofollow until earlier today. Can you add me to your list please.

Hi, My name is Pandu. Please add my blog to the D-List :

count me in, im no follow blog too

Would you add me to your no follow list and put your link on my blog and comment on yours too.

No-follow has been disabled here:

Many thanks!

I decided to join the DoFollow movement. Add me please: Green Goings

My new blog also has no follow disabled I would like to be added to the list.
Linux and Whatever

Hey if you can include my blogs it would be a great help, thanks.

This are my blogs:

Latest Technology News
Sports Car Unlimited
Making Money | Make Money Online

Our new site is a do follow blog and also has top commentor which is also do follow and has over 1100 pages. We have a PR of 2 and a Alexa Ranking of 264,426. Could you please add us to the list. Thank you.

I’m sorry, but you need to do follow all the comments, not just for the top comments ones.

My blog has do follow tags on links


I had a crash course in nofollow links today thanks to Nick and Court. My blog is now fully NO-nofollow compliant.

Please add my blog for your do follow list:

Thanks for this list, KEEP IT UP!!!


Can you please add me to this list, we have a do follow blog! Thank you, :)

hey, my blog is dofollow, to. please list here. here is the detil (data per march, 23rd 2009 :

Google PR : 2
Alexa rank: 680.524

thank’s before…

Thanks for sharing your list.

Thanks for your do follow list. This site is less than 2 months old and has a Page Rank of 5 already. “Do Follow” comments and article submissions are welcome.

There is a new do follow list here.

Recently I made my tech blog dofollow and I would like to be included in you dofollow list.

love your site…the best!
all the best! :smile:


Could you please add my blog to the list? Blog can be found at

great, great do-follow list. I’ve been visited your blog for some time now.

Now, it’s time to create my own blog, and I’ve made it… a do-follow one.

So please include my dofollow blog in your list:

name: My Image Host Blog
url :

Hi Nicusor,
Sorry, I did set up wrong, just re-check and is fix. Here is my blg:

Thank you.

thanx for this post

Hi, great list.

Both my blogs have do follow disabled could you add them to the list please?

Hi, I just disabled no-follow on my new blog and would appreciate being added to your list:

Thanks in advance and I appreciate you maintaining this list.


my blog always dofollow now and forever, so please let me get in to your dofollow blog list

Please add our blog

Thanks :D

Hello! there,
I’ve a blog with Do Follow links. Here is the link:

It’s a Page rank 2 now but hope to gain 4 on the next update. So can you please add it on the list?

Here is my blog it is no-follow disabled

Hey there, I’d like to submit my blog for inclusion in your list. I support both dofollow and commentluv. :)

Hi Nicu!
Greetigns from right Danube bank, from Serbia! :)

I just started my new website powered by Wordpress. It is a website about Forex, Investments, Banking etc. It is DoFollow, of course. I will be very thankful to you if you include my link at your list.

Here is URL:

Mulţumesc! :)

Hello, I would like to have my gaming blog added to your dofollow list. I have dofollow and commentluv installed at the blog in my sig.
Thanks so much for providing this list.


Hello Nic,

My website has since last year sticking to “dofollow” option. It not has PR3. Do you mind including it in the list? Thanks. :)

Could you add my do follow webhosting blog “Review Your Hosting”? Url under my nickname ;) Thanks.

Hi there,
I have just decided to make my blog at . I do blog at 2 more sites, but since this is my start with dofollow - thanks .

Great List!!
Can you include mine too?

I am not sure if you are updating this list, but my blog is dofollow.

Please add my “do follow” blog to the list.

Biz Experience


Please include my dofollow blog:

My web design and development blog and site, ZigPress, is now dofollow.

Address is


You are now listed! Enjoy! :)

Thanks for keeping up on the D-list. That things really making the rounds isn’t it? I’m also working on a dofollow list, mainly going through all the outdated lists online and pulling out the still dofollow ones.

I’ve got about 150 verified and 100 of those 150 are sorted into page rank specific pages.

I’ll tell you the hardest is Tricia’s DoFollow List that thing is so outdated (and ad filled) it’s a pain in the neck.

That’s enough about my problems. LOL keep up the good work.

Thanx a million for adding my site , but you know alexa rakn have changed a big mark , can it be possible to update alexa rank of list ? ,
would be better , been a long time since its updation , wat do u think ? :)

Follow me on Twitter