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I joined the Do Follow Movement as well.

In case you haven’t heard about the Do Follow Movement, it’s a movement which has started among bloggers to help each other out by removing “nofollow” tag from the comment’ section. The “nofollow” idea was started by Google back in 2005 - Preventing comment spam. They thought this will greatly reduce spam on sites - blogs especially, but after 2 years now there aren’t signs that spam is dead :smile: . Blog software providers including Wordpress, Bloggers, LiveJournal and others have supporting this by default since then. Other than blogs, Wikipedia had been suffering from link spamming as well. Basically everyone is allowed to freely edit or add links to it. This led to Wikipedia introducing the nofollow attribute to all its external links.

The other side of the story is that all major search engines will not use in their PR algorithms the link that has this as attribute: rel=”nofollow” - Google will not even crawl that page… There is a nice article on search engine journal about this.

The major drawback for the bloggers’ community was that this thing led to less interest for the visitors to leave comments because they will not have something to gain from it. If I post a comment somewhere, I would like to have back a link that counts… and if someone takes the time to read something that I wrote and makes a comment on it, I think that it’s fair to give him or her something in return. I’m not saying that you should comment only if you have that link back - if the you want to express your opinions, you’ll do it anyway - but, in my case, since I have a small blog (almost 2 months old :smile: ) I can take the time to moderate the comments so that I’ll not allow spam on my site.

Having this said, I want to let you know that I joined the Do Follow Movement and now the links from your comments will not have the nofollow tag. There are some rules though:

  • If you have anything to add, discuss, or share, please comment!
  • Links will be allowed in comments as long as they are relevant and contribute positively to the site.
  • Links will be removed from one-liner, stop-in comments such as, “I like the site”, “You have a good site”, “Thanks for the article” etc. - these comments defeat the purpose and most of them will be deleted.
  • I reserve the right to edit comments for grammar and spelling errors, when appropriate.

From what I read, the movement was started by Colleen from and the D-List with sites which have joined is maintained by Court from

If you are using Wordpress and want to remove the “nofollow” tag from comments, here is a plugin from that will do it.

I’m waiting for your comments!


! Update !
I decided to host on my site a (large) list of do follow sites - check out my Do Follow List!

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Reader Comments

I have just made my blog DoFollow after reading articles on the web about rel=”nofollow”.

The more the merrier!

We are just setting up our blog and after reading this it will be a do follow one! Thanks.

That’s good to hear - let me know when it’s up so I can add it to the list!

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