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It’s about to be a shark tank in August with ICANN’s release of new gTLDs. These will range from every type of extension imaginable like .baby or .goo. Companies have already jumped ahead to get their own extensions like .Microsoft and .Netflix.

With all of this happening, people really need to get the jump on the new registration as well. People can expect to start registering the new domains as early as this fall. It will be imperative during this time to find registration services that offer cheap and quick registrations. For example, you can find cheap domain register at, which has a simple interface and allows you to quickly search and buy any domain name that you want as long it’s available. You can also register domain names in bulk easily.

ICANN still has a lot of paperwork to go through before the announcement will be made on the official release. There was quite a stir over conflicts between Amazon, the company and countries around the Amazon in South America. Governments in this area don’t want Amazon to have the rights to .amazon. However, ICANN released a guidebook that was over 200 pages that negotiated all of these problems including what would happen if there was a conflict between company names and locations. Currently, ICANN has blocked Amazon from being able to register .amazon. That was a major blow to the company, and they’re not happy about it.

All of this frenzy will create a lot of business and of course, give people a chance to register some incredible domain names once more.

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