Firefox Memory Optimization

If you want to reduce the amount of memory used by Firefox in Windows here’s a little trick:

Firefox Memory Optimization

  • Open Firefox browser, go to address bar, type about:config and hit enter
  • You’ll see a page full with text under 4 columns: Preference Name, Status, Type, Value
  • Right-click anywhere on that page and select New -> Boolean
  • You’ll get prompted to enter a Preference Name - enter this: config.trim_on_minimize and hit enter
  • You’ll be prompted for a value - select True and hit enter
  • That’s it - close Firefox and open it again!

Now, whenever you minimize your Firefox, the amount of memory used will be reduced to approximately 20%.

If you want to test it yourself, follow these steps:

  • Open Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
  • Load several pages into Firefox and watch the memory usage (going up)
  • Minimize Firefox and see what happens!


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Reader Comments

Very useful on windows. works like a charm.
Must have been default configuration on firefox.
Thanks for the post.

I noticed that in latest versions is only working for a short period of time :(

Thanks for stopping by!

You may want to try this tool as well, called Minimem: It does the same but more:
- Can optimize other apps too
- Reduces memory not just when minimized
- User-defined frequency of memory reduction
I use it on my old computer and it works like a charm with Firefox and a few more apps.

Work very nice!!!

The config.trim_on_minimize setting (Windows only) does not reduce the amount of memory used, it just swaps memory from RAM to disk. This may make Firefox slow to “wake up”. If config.trim_on_minimize is left set at the default value (false), the memory will be swapped to disk only if it is needed by another application. Therefore, for most purposes the default value is recommended.

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