How To Get A PR3 Backlink

If you want to get a PR3 backlink for your site, all you have to do is to write something relating to Do Follow and include a link to Do Follow List!

Here is the code you can use:

<a href="">Do Follow List</a>

Here is how it works - you post something related to Do Follow (for instance, how you decided to switch to do follow or the impact on the amount of comments that you received after doing it or just tell your visitors how they can get backlinks if they comment on such do follow blogs) and include a link to my Do Follow List. This way a trackback is generated and a nofollow backlink to your post is displayed on the bottom of the list. Pretty easy, right?

Before rushing to do it, I must warn you that only the latest 5 such trackbacks will be displayed!
You could be listed for 1 week, 1 month or even more depending on how successful this method of promoting Do Follow is - enough so that Google can index the Do Follow List page and count your link.

Thanks for your help in promoting the Do Follow Movement!

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Reader Comments

I have not so far done this, but shall do so at the appropriate moment. This is a nice tutorial. Thank you.

Someone as technologically challenged as me needs such step by step instructions. Does this apply to blogs only or to other static sites as well?

Blogs only… other types of sites doesn’t send a trackback (a notification of the link back to me)

I have removed nofollow from my comment field i’ll try this dofollow promotion method once i have have enough comments to support my claim

I’ll try it…sounds make sense.

Definitely worth a try. Onl4 trackbacks yet.

I’ve got a post up. Did you get the trackback? I don’t see my site listed in the list of 5 so was wondering

Hi Diane,
I didn’t get a trackback out of your post - I’m not sure if blogger does this at all…

thanks for sharing such great dofollow list. Thsi is useful for me and also thanks for sharing the idea!


some sites do not follow ;)

If you are referring to sites from my list, please contact me and let me know which ones.

Sounds pretty good, I’ll give that a go.

This is definitely an interesting concept and definitely a step in the right direction, for which I applaud you!

Nice Tip. And thanks for the list. Although , some on the list are not Do follow.

huge do follow list. need your permit to bookmarked, and thanks for the tips.

It is an ideal thing for bloggers who are looking for quality one way links.

By doing this, the person who will have most benefit is blogger who started it.

I agree that the DoFollow Movement must be promoted because it offers a lot of advantages like backlinks. Let’s all support the DoFollow movement.

That is pretty sweet that you allow people to get great backlinks from your site!

This is great info to learn in order to increase PR on a website.
Thank you.

As a Blogger myself, I support the Do Follow Movement. Thank you for sowing us how to add the link.

How about a squidoo page, would this trackback. . Let me know

I don’t think so…

Thats gr8 , i had written a blog post linking your blog url .Let’s all support the DoFollow movement.

I like the dofollow movement. As it turns out there is a Google custom search for dofollow blogs:

That is kind of you to allow people to get backlinks from your blog, thanks a lot well appreciated. There is some kind people out there after all

Thinking about doing this on my own site, including creating a reciprocal link database, although I don’t know how effective it’s going to be. I just found this list and so far it has been a great step for me toward getting some decent manual backlinks. I have no problem contributing to conversation so this should be just up my alley.
You’ve done an excellent job monetizing your site, going to look for some blogs on what you’ve done along those means here.

Do you make good cashback and CTR conversions on your visitors here?

I think Google has a formula/algorithm Pagerank calculation .. according to my experience to get PR you must focus on public relations to write the best content (pilar content) and getting lots of backlinks from higher website like yours dofollow list.

I heard rumors that pagerank has no effect anymore on SEO and SERP, while the backlinks still count ..

What is google caffeine of Matt’s statement google

Why limit to last five? That would drive away many as they may see that as an excuse for not linking back

Getting a good PR backlink is hard for some people these days :( .

If trackbacks are one way of getting dofollow backlinks that is worth a try. The link however need not be from a PR3 page. Every link counts.

First of all i like to thank you for the doFollow list. Because it is very tedious to find doFollow blogs.But i am disappointed too because i used all the technique to get backlink but i never got single backlink.
Still thanks for this post.

This is a great way to promote do follow. I’ll have to make a post soon and join.

I am very much greatful to you for the dofollow list. As i want to get worthy back links to my site.

Nice to see these pointed out here, thank you. Backlinks are an the most important factor when it comes to ranking terms, i use to check my backlinks via , an online tool that checks for backlinks and indexed pages all at the same time (ofcourse it does it only for most popular search engines). It is possible however to do a manual check of all these values but it is just too boring.

I have been Do Follow for some time now and I am pleased with my blog friends I have made and the new visitors that come by my way to see my little blog. Thanks for your help along the way.

Cool! I just added a link to your list. Thanks for the promo, even if only temporary!

Thanks for the post. I guess your site has moved up to PR4 since you posted this. Nice idea you got going. Building links this manner, does it count as backlinks or reciprocal links?

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