Not Another Search Engine…

In a world of search engines clearly dominated by Google, is there any place left for new search engines?
Does the huge amount of money that revolves around this business is way too powerful?

If the answer to the former question can be debated, I think that there’s no doubt about the latter one. I guess that it’s everybody’s dream to start a small business on the Internet and grow it up to the point of surpassing Google’s owners Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Obviously, this will not going to happen because they won’t just sit and watch without doing anything against it. In a happy scenario, they could buy your business and you would be content with less than dreamed of, but definitely a lot higher than the vast majority of us.

Among those who are taking a chance in the search engines field are two co-founders of - Jay Bhatti and Jaideep Singh – former employees of Microsoft and IBM. As if it hadn’t been sufficient, there are also ex-Yahoo employees in the Spock team which tells a lot about the people behind this website.

Spock is a free people and information search application. Either you are searching for celebrities, your favorite athletes or your neighbors and friends, Spock provides links to where they are on the web. You can search by name, email, age, sex, location, tags (like brown eyes, soccer player, funny etc.) in every combination you like. These tags can be created by that person or by other Spock members. Opinions can be voiced about a person by voting for or against a tag (this includes pictures as well). You can also trim down the results by asking for a picture in the person’s profile.

You can sign up for an account and start adding information about you and don’t forget to invite your friends – they can contribute to enriching your profile as well. Additionally, Spock will search for information about you on bio pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories etc.

I tried it myself with “search engine” and here are the results from Spock:

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Reader Comments

I have heard of Spock; a friend recommended it. I will try it but i think i am too much of a google loyalist.

Me too, but if you are looking for a person, you might find it useful. Unfortunately, their database is still small and dependable on people registration…

I’ve tried so hard to break the Google trend but it never works.

You know what’s funny too is that I was reading an article the other day that showed that Google’s algorithm is inferior to some of the other search engines.

I guess at the end of the day Google just has me with all their free shiny software and massive market share.

Google’s algorithm is very strange - one day you are #1, then you are not to be found…
But it’s Google and they rule this word right now…

When you drop very fast in a matter of a few hours, it is a couple of the higher websites cheating. Before long they are down low and you are back to where you were. Google’s algorithm always finds the cheater but it is never instant.

It is very true that google has the vast share of the market but with the looming takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft how long before they can compete for the crown?

I don’t think it will be soon… :)

Do you think the buy out will happen as the more I hear/read I seem to think Yahoo will decline it altogether.

There are still niche’s where search engines like Spock will succeed.

Probably… I heard that Yahoo is having financial problems and Microsoft raised the previous offer pretty much…

So a take over looks likely, do you think this will give MicroSoft what they need to chellenge Google? I don’t think it will even with the aqusition of Yahoo! Google is now a household brand name for non-microsoft.

I don’t think it either…

I am dependent on google.

Who doesn’t know the search engine, Google? Even with Yahoo on the race, Google is still in first place. They even want to buy out Yahoo. Not sure if they are giving in anytime soon? So, will there be any place left for other search engines? I don’t think so, not in the near future. Unless anybody else can out wit them!

I don’t think it will even with the aqusition of Yahoo! Google is now a household brand name for non-microsoft. looks great! I hope it does well.

It’s funny typing my name and seing how many other people go by it - I’m surprised!

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