Promoting my Do Follow List

I decided to write this post to explain a little bit the new changes and the steps that I took for promoting my Do Follow List.

When I first started the Do Follow List on my site I told to myself that it shouldn’t be just a list like on many other blogs out there. Until now I only managed to write a script which updates each blog technorati rank (you can see it displayed next to each link). Although I had set up a Link Directory with Do Follow categories, it didn’t bring the results I was hoping for and I’m close on giving that up.
But I don’t intend to stop here; unfortunately, the only thing that I’m missing now it’s the time for it.

I think that going beyond a simple list will help promoting the Do Follow Movement (and the blogs which adhered to it along with it) and that people will find it easier to link to my Do Follow List.

The most important thing when you promote something is to be on the first positions on search engines so that you can get as many visitors as possible.
At this moment I manage to achieve a top spot on Google for “Do Follow List”. The main ingredients for this is to have a SEO friendly page and as many incoming links as possible.

So, I decided to keep the outgoing links to minimum (according to many SEO experts, a large number of links on a certain page will hurt the PR - that’s why the nofollow tag is present on most of the links) and to give a link back only to those blogs which helps promoting my Do Follow List.
Although some people might think that the list should be do-follow by default – in my opinion the Do Follow List is a way to promote the Do Follow Movement and the blogs which adhered to it and not a source of links – that’s what are directories for.

Another thing that I do to promote my Do Follow List is to leave comments on do-follow blogs asking them to join my list.
I take this opportunity to thank Stephen Cronin for pointing out an issue which I wasn’t aware of. The thing is that lately I have mentioned in my comments that any link back to my Do Follow List will bring a do-follow link on my list – and this could be misinterpreted.
I realize that and I’ll be more careful in the future on how I express myself, but rest assured that my main purpose is promoting the Do Follow List!
Either if you choose to write about this (give a link back) or not, this will not affect your blog acceptance on the list. The only condition is that your blog is do-follow!

If you would like to join my Do Follow List, please check out the Do Follow List Subscription post.


If you have any suggestions related to what info should be displayed next to the website link, beside the rank, please share it with me. Or any comments for that matter…
I would love to hear back from you!

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Reader Comments

Once again, thanks for responding so quickly to explain this. I totally understand where you are coming from now and I whole heartedly support what you are doing.

As for your plans for the future - they sound great. A directory is a good first step, so I’ve gone ahead and added my blog.

I should have done it earlier - thanks for the notice! :)


I have seen a few do follow lists but i think i like your sites the best. i commented on the list page to be added. thx.

This is a great post!


I would love to hear more from you all!

The list is fantastic. This allows us webmasters to be rewarded for our hard work. Thanks a lot. Andy

Thanks! :)

Nick, it’s a great list & we all support it wholeheartedly. As for the suggestion, I feel displaying alexa rank (& pagerank) would be a great value addition.

Thanks for your suggestion - as soon as I find some free time, I’ll add them too.

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