Secure data storage is more important than ever

Secure data storageIn today’s society, making sure your corporate or business data is secure is paramount to the safety of your clients, customers, and staff members. It seems as though news of another new virus or data breach breaks every day, with even multi-million dollar corporations falling victim to problems that were preventable with a little security. The problem for most businesses is that they take shortcuts when it comes to storing data, and those shortcuts sometimes leave that information vulnerable to attack from both inside and outside the company.

Data storage does not have to be complicated, and there are a wide array of options available today. One of the easiest storage solutions is an in-house server. This server is connected via an interoffice network to all computers that deal with information that needs to be stored. The information is saved on the central server and can be accessed at any time by employees who have been allowed to view the information. The problems with this set-up include the fact that many businesses allow too many employees access to the information, do not properly password protect the information, or use a system that is too old or insecure to get the job done properly.

For small businesses, one of the simplest data storage forms is done on a personal level. If you are only dealing with a few computers, it can be simple to just periodically back the information up on a CD, DVD, or thumb drive. Again, this scenario has problems. Losing your archive information would be devastating for the information you have kept; also, if the information is stored in a portable format, it can be removed from the office very easily.

More and more business owners are turning to managed service providers in order to keep their information secure. These businesses exist to help keep your data organized, labeled, and safe from attack. In most cases, these services use cloud-based technology to effectively store the information you need now, and will need in the future. Upon request, many can and will even offer you hard copies of the information included in the files they are keeping on your behalf. Regardless of what type of data storage type you choose, it’s imperative that you make sure it’s as secure as possible. Your employees and customers are counting on you to help keep them safe.

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