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I have a very strange problem for quite some time now. When I access my website from home I have to wait for few minutes until a page will be displayed, although I do have a good cable connection. What is even more frustrating is that I’m getting a 1-2 ms time response when I ping the domain name Oh, and I forgot to mention that I don’t have such problems when I access it from work for example.

Does anybody know what could be the problem? Did this happen to any of you?

I opened a ticket to my Internet provider like two months ago, two weeks ago I called them again and then sent them an email with mtr info, but I didn’t get anything back from them.

The thing is, I’m not sure whom to yell at, them or my hosting company?!

Oh well, I might as well change them both… Speaking of which, I ran into this web hosting information website the other day. It seems like a good reading, since it provides you with useful web hosting related resources and company reviews. I know that there are lots of websites on the same subject, but I just wanted to let you know about it because I really liked that voting feature for each hosting company.

Back to my problem, I remember that I ran some reports last year related to my domain name and they were showing some warnings / errors. I was assured back then by the technical guy that those are not going to affect anything.

I’m looking at the same report now (from and I’m sure it’s the same… I have “FAIL” on the following tests: Missing (stealth) nameservers, Missing nameservers 2, Single Point of Failure, Stealth NS record leakage. Could these be the source of my problems?

Or it’s just an internet provider peering issue?

Please let me know your thoughts on this one. Thanks!

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Reader Comments

Nick, it’s been loading slow for me as well..I’ve had to give up on it a couple times recently. Not sure how you’re hosting your site? I had something similar happen to me once a couple of weeks ago, and when I checked the error logs on my hosted machine–it had crashed that morning and hadn’t recovered correctly. One quick phonecall to Bluehost tech support and they had it up and running full speed 15 minutes later.

Thanks for the tip!

I checked that too… the only errors appearing there are related to mygallery plugin which I’ve just remove it.

What’s even stranger is that the same site is loading normally (still from home) if I load it through a “proxy” site.

It loads slower for me too compared to other sites. It may be excessive scripts or plugins you have running or maybe even your theme. Try testing a few of your suspects and eliminate those which aren’t causing the problem until you figure it out (it could be your host too). Also, it might load faster at work if they have an ultra fast connection (something like fios)

It loaded fine for me, from work with a dedicated T1 connection. You can check the download time and file size for the site using the tool from

It also gives you some other basic information on your site which might be useful.

The admin pages are loading slow too - about the same - so it should be something related to scripts or plugins

I checked the site and according to them the site size it’s ok - I scored 80.

And to make it even stranger, is loading just fine.

I am hitting from home this time, standard cabl3 connection, and it loaded up just fine in Firefox. When I loaded it in IE 7 it hung for a little, but no more than 5 seconds or so, definitely not minutes. So, it might be browser related, but I doubt it. If it loads normally through a proxy from home I would put my money on your ISP.

Thanks Steve!

I called my ISP again and now I’m waiting for an answer….