Tip of the day on finding hosting providers!

As I said in a previous post, if you are looking for web hosting services, the first thing you have to do is research!hosting server

There are so many web hosting companies on the market right now that it’s pretty difficult to decide which one to choose.

My advice is to check out independent websites which rank and review hosting providers, especially those who do that by things you are looking for in your future provider.

For example, if you are looking for cheap web hosting, you can check out Web Hosting Geeks website for their top 10 of best budget web hosting services.

Hope it helps!

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Reader Comments

Really there are so many web hosting companies but it is difficult to choose the best one. Your post is helpful for me to make my work easy.

I have found it best to go by the reference given by other bloggers who have used hosts.

SO..what you pay is what you get..I would never recommend cheap hosting.

This is a great tip. Its something I rarely used to do but do it with everything I buy on the web now. A little research is well worth the time and effort in the long run.

Is there anyone better than wordpress whom one can approach in India?

Cheap hosting is a real disaster ..I mean it!!

It is really hard to find good and reliable web hosting. I have experience with web hosting. In 2006 I choose web hosting that have good review. but 3 years later this web hosting quality already drop. Now, I am completely disappointing with my web hosting.

I think asking from some experienced guy who is using some hosting company from past 10 years is the best resource to know for the best Hosting company. Nice post, thanks for sharing

I’ve used fatcow in the past - very bad hosting. Godaddy are good just for buy domains, at the hosting chapter are very low. Now I use Hostgator. The support is excellent and the servers works very well.

Go to popular webmaster forums and either look for recent posts on this topic or ask a question yourself.

There _are_ good, cheap web hosts out there but you need to research carefully. A good host 6 months ago might be oversold, now.

If they don’t offer things like Cpanel and unlimited domain ‘addons’, move along.

Your 100% right, the best thing to do is read reviews, but remember on a lot of these “review” websites the hosts often write their own ones about themselves so my suggestion is to try searching forums, usually the reviews they don’t want people to see come out from under the woodwork!!

I got sucked into GoDaddy years ago and I have to say that I should’ve read reviews and done my research beforehand.

I’ve heard good things about HostGator and iPage so I’ll probably switch to either one soon.

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