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I know that there are many people who would want to have a website, but they don’t know how to make one or don’t want to pay for a hosting service. My advice for them: look for a free-website service! There are many out there, you just need to try some and see which one suits you the best. With Wordpress and Blogspot taking almost all the share of the market, one might think that there isn’t any other alternatives. Well, there are!

If you are looking to build a free website very easy and very fast, you should check out the website. They are offering for free more than 380 templates for your design, more than 300 MB storage space for your files and many other features (gallery, forum, member area, newsletter, news system, surveys, guestbook, shoutbox etc.), so you could have a complete website in no time!

I tried myself their service and it took me less than 30 minutes from the moment I register until I had my sample website ready - It looks like this:

Sample Website

What I like the most was the back-end area which is very intuitive and easy to use. From the left side menu you can set almost everything related to your site. You won’t get lost like in some other admin areas.
What I didn’t like is that not all the extras are free to use at the beginning, but you can gather points on the way and then redeem then to activate those extra you might want.

Bottom line, I think that it worth at least giving it a try. I like my sample site. Of course, it’s not a complete site, but I had fun doing it.
You should try it! Go there and make your own website!

Hope it helps!

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Reader Comments

Nice one - I didn’t know about this and will check it out. It’s always good to develop your “free real estate” on other free sites if possible, it can all help to build your empire.

Well, it’s always nice to know about new things such as this one. Will definitely be checking it out and if it’s good will be telling something about to my readers.

Good to know about a new free web services. But some of them are closing, like What is their idea of making money ?

I checked the link for newly created demo site and I found it cool. With the falling “+” signs, it looks refreshing and more unique. Maybe I’ll try one myself. Thanks for sharing!

I haven’t heard of this site before. Looks like it has some good features. Free websites have so many great uses. Thanks for the tip Ill have to pass this along.

I am hearing first time about hpage free website. I am using blogspot for creating free website or blog. I have also used wordpress but hpage, not yet. So, I will try it and hope this will also helpful for me.

You know, you’re right! With Blogspot and Wordpress taking over, it really is easy to forget that there are other options out there. Thank you so much for showing us new free web services.

I too remember starting out with a FREE blog with BlogSpot then WordPress. However, I now host my own WordPress blog and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have learned so much doing it my self and there are oooodles of places to get help when needed. But for the timid the free blog sites are definitely the way to go to get your feet wet.

Swim On Bloggers! :)

i still prefer

I believe using a free site creator is probably the worst decision a person can make. They are better off reading a book on how to create a website, and spend a few months learning dreamweaver and photoshop. Blogs like wordpress are great for SEO, but you need a unique non-cookie maker design for your main site. Then you can also use some of the unique design components in your word press blog.

Is nice but too simple for my tastes and for any other advanced user. I dislike that they don’t have a paid option to use your own tld, but for beginners is a good one, at least they have were to pick from.

I like that you let it, I’ve just seen a demo. Awesome - the control panel is easy to use and seems to be able to build a site quickly. Have not seen everything, but I will learn and try.
Looking at your experience, would you share something about how to optimize for these free sites, including the blogspot and wordpress/com.

Interesting post, but I don’t think anything can compare to having a bespoke website designed for you. Thanks for posting.

I recommended using free website sites to some of my friends who have recently started small businesses and don’t have a web presence. It certainly is economical. I will be checking this one out. Thanks

Wordpress and Blogspot are gaining users because they are really simple to use and they have already SEO tools integrated. I think that is great but I am looking for an application who will let me build my site on my computer and then upload it online… Do you know any? Thanks

Finally I found it.
I will try it some day. But I am afraid mine will look similar to others. What about that situation?

IMHO, if yours will be a personal site, you can go with a free option but if you plan to make a profit online you’d better spent some time learning how to set up a self hosted site. I think Wordpress and other free CMS/blogging platforms have gotten easier to manage. Also there’s supporting communities, free templates, etc, etc. Spending a little extra time today in learning how to set up your own site will pay in the future. Once you’ve learned the basics you can hire someone to design a great looking logo and if things go well you can hire a pro designer who can design a unique looking theme for your site.

This is not bad tool for beginers, It still needs some improvements, but still can do some work.

Although we still prefer to have self-hosted WordPress blog, I think this is a very good free blog resource.

I am looking at this now…thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing, this is my site

Yep I have to agree the demo site you made is very cool and I like the falling ++ signs too, neat!

Thanks for sharing.

Although these services are cool, time after time the subdomains are devalued in Google, they even did it with their own blogger sites. What used to, and should be high ranking sites soon find it is harder to gain the rankings they once had.

I was not having any idea about this website.I know about “wetpaint” which also provides similar services.

It is funny when you say ” yet another” there are so many free websites out there. I wonder how many there really are?

Would like to see if someone knows.


Always looking for another source.

My 10 year old is looking to set up a blog. I was going to steer her to wordpress. But it’s nice to be reminded of other options.


I really appreciate web hosts that offer free hosting. This is very useful for people who wants to make their own website but don’t want to purchase domain and don’t want to pay for hosting. But if you want to build a business website or a website for a professional use, I don’t think free hosting would be best. Because in free hosting, you won’t have your own domain, just a sub-domain. example, I think it’s always better if you’ll have

Nice tip. You even have an animated cursor on your test site :). These services for building free web sites come really handy sometimes, i don`t like only with URL address, but well, nothing is perfect :)

I agree with you that many wants to build a site but the problem is they do not have a budget to build one. What they don’t know is their are sites that offer free hosting’s and their are sites wherein you can make your own like the It may be simple but still you can have your own so as multiply and etcetera.

It’s very interesting because I didn’t see a lot of advertising on the resulted site. However, I think a Wordpress or Blogger blog is better than a solution compared with this one.

This seems to be very good for beginners and for testing.

My worry with using a free service like that is that there is no obligation on them to maintain the service, so you could put hours into creating a website and then have it dissapear some time later. But then if money is tight, it is a good way to get onto the internet.

I think it looks pretty well if you are a beginner and you want to learn more about the web. In rest, I think it’s useless because it cannot be used if you have high traffic on it.

Now there’s no excuse not to make a website - when the process is consisting of a few clicks it’s easy even for a newbie! But, is there any value in having such a site, a sub-domain with content you’re better of sharing on a proper website owned by you?

@Bill Wynne
Just off the top of my head there are Weebly, Wetpaint, Vox, Yola, Wikispaces, Tumblr, Squidoo, Hubpages…

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