Buying Instruments for Kids? What You Should Know

Buying an instrument for a child is a great way to get them interested in the arts and a hobby that isn’t watching TV, movies or playing video games. Some studies even show that children who play a musical instrument do better in school and have more discipline later in life because they were required to practice in order to get better. That hard work fundamental can be very important for adults, as you know.

However, choosing the right instrument for your child isn’t always as easy as it sounds. While you should certainly ask your child’s opinion, their say may not always be the end of the conversation.
Kids on trumpet
Use this guide to help you determine which instrument is right for your child. They can always switch later on if they choose to do so, and the fundamentals of music they learn from the beginning will carry over.

Consider Your Child’s Interest

Before you make a big investment in an instrument you’ll want to determine if your child has a serious interest in playing music. Even if they don’t though, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to encourage them to play. Over time, they may find out they really have a passion for it.

However, what you don’t want to do is spend a ton of money on an instrument that your child doesn’t want to play and that you can’t return or sell. For example, buying a grand piano to encourage your child doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Instead, get something used or beginner level so that your child can grow with the instrument. When you begin to practice regularly and take music more seriously you can always upgrade the instrument to their level of skill and participation.

Think About Skill Level

Kids don’t have the dexterity of adults and they don’t have quite the same processing power. After all, their minds are still developing, and music is a great tool to help them develop in the best possible manner.

What does that mean when you’re buying an instrument to get your child interested in music? It means that you shouldn’t go for something too advanced.

For example, you may have an interest in the fretless bass, but that doesn’t make it an ideal choice for a child with no musical experience. Pick a fretted bass that’s easier to learn and enjoy instead.

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