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If you are looking for something unique for your home, like a rustic decor or rustic furniture, you should check out this family run business website. I found there a lot of interesting items for all the rooms in the house: bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. For outdoor as well.

For me, the ones that I liked the most are in the rustic lighting section. I couldn’t believe how nice these hand made lamps can be. I’ve had a very hard time deciding which one I would buy and I’m still not there yet.
Here are my two finalists:

Renaissance Rose Table Lamp
Renaissance Rose Table Lamp


Cherub & Tree Accent Lamp
Cherub & Tree Accent Lamp

I found them very beautiful, yet they are so different in style. The first one is very elegant ($400), the other is very graceful ($150).
I just don’t know which one to choose.

And you, dear reader, what do you think?


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Reader Comments

I like the cherub and tree accent lamp. Looks like a neat looking lamp.

Both were very beautiful, but Renaissance Rose Table Lamp is my first choice. Maybe it was expensive, whether it be marketed?

Me too, a vote for cherub and tree accent lamp. But, if you really can’t decide, then buy both :)

I prefer the Renaissance Lamp since I’m a big fan of stained glass effects. But the Cherub and Rose lamp has a very unique design too. If you have the money then buy both. Cheers!

Both of them are beautiful but Cherub & Tree Ancient Lamp will make my apartment looks extravagant. Someday I will have my time to browse the web to look for the most beautiful rustic décor for my apartment. Hope to see more of those magnificent décor.

I like the second one better. It’s so artistically and tastefully designed. I would love to have that displayed in my bedroom.

I can’t really decide which one will i choose. They’re both very beautiful, but i think I’ll go for Renaissance Rose Table Lamp because it’s refreshing to look at. Maybe because of the stained glass effect. The Cherub & Tree Accent Lamp is also beautiful, I think it would be good if it’s in my bedroom.

Both lamps looks beautiful and artistic. But my favorite is the Cherub & Tree Accent Lamp

The Double Rustic Vanity Light looks amazing. Perfect on hallways and house corners.

nice.Renaissance Rose Table Lamp is my first choice. Maybe it was expensive, whether it be marketed

I like the first one better. It’s so artistically and tastefully designed. I would love to have that displayed in my bedroom.

With the right decor, rustic lamp gives the place an antic look to it. Very cozy and yet elegant at the same time.

This type of furniture is similar to some pieces we already have in our house and my wife loves the style. I am going to show her this tonight. She would go for the Rose Table Lamp because of the stained glass look.

Interesting style, I like it but it wouldn’t really go with anything I have!
It’s always such a shame with you find items that you like but do not match the decor of the rest of your room, maybe I need a room just for mis-matched items!

Hmm, I wouldn’t call this rustic furniture. To me that is rather log furniture. Such a natural style might well be perfect in some circumstances but all in all this is not my style. I can imagine a log cabin somewhere in the mountains having log furniture as well but a beach house would be a wrong choice, if you ask me. It all depends on a series of factors like house, decor, environment, personal taste and so on.

Both of the lamps are gorgeous. I vote is for Rose Table Lamp. I googled to find a price on that for myself but didn’t find a price. Price range is from $199 to $599. Could you please let us know how much it cost actually?

Something like that. The first one is more expensive.
Check out their site for further details.

Cherub & Tree Accent Lamp is really amazing… I really love it, I’ll gonna get one very soon… I think that would be very perfect for my room… Thank you for sharing this post…

I like the Cherub and tree lamp. it is so very different. The stained glass lamp is beautiful but you see similar things everyplace now adays.

But it really depends on your taste and where you are going to put it.

The Cherub & Tree Accent Lamp looks so stunning. I love its design. It so very striking that you will notice it even if you are quite in a distance. It is an antique in the making. Very old-stylish yet with a bit of modern and environmental design.

They both would look great adorning whichever room in your house. Table lamps are such lovely ornamentals.

Please buy both items…personally speaking though I would choose for Renaissance Rose Table Lamp.

Thanks bro…

In Romania decorul rustic inseamna o strachina atarnata pe perete si un stergar!

The renaissance lamp is a much more classic style and likely won’t look dated in a few years so I’d go with that one. G’luck!

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