DietLately I’ve been trying as much as possible to live a healthier life. While this is not an easy task to do, I’m always searching for information on this matter. This is how I found, an informational website with award-winning independent product reviews covering over ten thousands different products related to health and beauty.

The 45 people review team, composed by 25 women and 20 men, is taking pride in providing you honest, comprehensive and easy-to-read reviews on the benefits and negatives, costs, ingredients, testimonials and customer service issues you need to know. The reviewers are independent writers, are not paid to promote certain products over others and are just giving you the facts as they are presented by the products and programs in this industry.

There are 3 major categories of products reviews featured on diet reviews, exercise (equipment or product) reviews and detox reviews.

Beside product reviews, you can find here an extensive database with information on a variety of businesses nationwide. There are 7 directories with up-to-the minute information on the following areas of interests: Spa, Gym, Pharmacy, Health Stores (health food and vitamin store), Nutrition (like Weight Watchers, Curves etc.), Plastic Surgeons and Beauty Salons.

Hopefully this will be helpful to you!

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Yes, this information is useful. Thank you.

This is very useful information and can help people who looking to lose their weight.

I have been a reader of for a while now, and i have to say it is one of the best sites on this subject.

This will be of extreme use for those who are looking for information related to health.

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