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After quite some time searching and writing about online casinos, I can finally say that I found the best online casino related website! It has gone beyond the usual informational portal, to become a true web 2.0 platform, growing into the most popular online gaming community.

Curious to find out more? Let’s roll!

Introducing to you Online Casino Reports - an online gambling portal and casino guide into the world of online gambling; with lots of news, valuable resources and services, gambling guides and lessons, a community, including personal blogs, forum discussions and sharing options, just waiting for you to use them.

As expected, you’ll find here all kinds of gambling news sorted into categories - like Headlines, Special Reports, Industry Coverage etc.
So far, so good, but what really caught my eyes is the Weekly Edition bulletin – weekly online gambling news video with the week’s headlines and occasional interviews, event coverage, tips for players, etc presented by British-accent girl Kate.
Here is this week video:

All online gambling videos are grouped into OCR Live section of the site. Beside the Weekly Edition section, there are another two interesting ones: Reviews and Featured Videos.
First offers reviews of online casinos, poker rooms and gambling websites from player perspective in engaging and entertaining video format.
The other one holds headlines, insightful views, commercials and more from the online gambling world.
The list of videos can be sorted by date or popularity without having to reload the page through Ajax, which I find it as a nice feature of the site.

OCR offers 8 great services, which are using real time algorithms to scan the web, in order to cover everything you might want to search for.
These are:

  • Bonus Hunter - the Latest Online Casino Bonus Offers
  • Money for Nothing - online casinos that offer a 100% Free, No-Deposit Bonus
  • Red Carpet - the most prestigious High Stakes Online Casinos
  • Cream of the Crop - features One Favourite Online Casino every month
  • Money Train - A quick ride to the highest jackpots
  • Poker Fever - the hottest Poker Rooms around
  • Bingo Swing - the Hottest Bingo Sites Online
  • Sport Lines - the leading sport betting

…nice names, isn’t it?

Online Casino Reports - Where Gamblers MeetJoin the community and share your thoughts and opinions on an active gambling forum or even start your own member blog!
There’s more to it - find the most recommended items, useful services, other members’ blogs, popular news, etc.

For learning, tutorials and online gambling legality information, make sure you check out Guides and School sections.

There is a gambling directory as well – a comprehensive list of the resources for finding gaming sites, payment services, information about casino software providers, reviews of the industry auditors and more.

And, lastly, if you just want to relax and have fun, you can always check out the Games section – a cool collection games, including casino related ones.

Hope it helps!

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Reader Comments

please do not encourage gambling or casino games online which effects children. better we make good use this box (computer). think of good and positive things.

I totally agree with Andrew.It really effects children.Otherwise its a great post i think.thanks

I totally agree with Andrew.It really effect children.Otherwise for us its a great post.

I think casino is for 18+ you have to be 18 to be able to play, casino is not for children but for adults like us.

I totally agree with Andrew and Rio’s is for 18+ you have to be 18 to be able to play, casino is not for children.

Not that it matters, but I know it is up to parents to monitor what sites are being visited by their children. All Online casino sites purely exists for entertainment and additional money for adults. They do not aim to harm children by default. And they also implement a minimum age limit in their memberships.

While I agree gambling can be a serious condition for some people, we should keep in mind that States are the largest gambling operators in the world. I do run a casino guide site in spanish, and I have also reflected on the fact that gambling can have very bad effects on certain personalities. But so does beer, wine or even cars. At the very last, I feel there are very very few economical activities that don’t have bad side effects. I guess it is just a question of personal responsability and also of regulation to prevent the young ones to get addicted.

Gambling is better in casinos… online they are so well designed and programed that you’ll never win! or they’ll let you win a bit at the beginning so you spend more thinking that winning is possible… in real casinos is hard as well but at least in games like poker, blackjack… you still depend only on you…

and luck

Great post. I am considering online gambling and my thought is that it is ok as long as you stick to basic money management principles and actually have the money to lose. (I.e. not betting with next months rent money)

I agree with some of the comments – adults should be moderating their own children’s exposure to such things. I don’t know what happened to individual responsibility, but, let’s bring it back!

Its really hard to find the best online casino site in the web but when you try to play a game in those websites you can find that which website is ok or not. So I prefer to check the website by myself than any reviews.

I love online casion’s but i have seen plenty of people get addicted!
When playing online make sure you put a cap on the amount of fund you can add daily, making sure this is no more than your willing to lose!

The move could be a blow for online wagering because MGM is one of the most reputable names in gambling. Its move into Internet wagering in September 2001 had lent a sense of credibility to the market, which faces obstacles such as rejecting bets from minors and people living in areas where online gambling is not allowed

Well, online casino sites are really popular these days. Just make sure that you put a limit on how much you should risk for the day, and make sure that you prevent the children from seeing you while your are playing online casino games so that they would not be influenced at their young age.

That corect Gary Blaze.The parents must be careful what children do on internet and what site they access.If you look on internet thay are 1000 and 1000 of site to make money online,casino and many others.Is our duty to whacht them and be careful not to take the rong road

YUP you are rite Gray Blaze.Some websites really destroy our children.
As they don’t know whats going on in our society.parents should be careful about their children.But the online casinos become more popular then ever.There are many site which provide good its depends on you. How you prevent your children from bed hings

Agreed entirely. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gambling as long as you maintain control of yourself and make sure it’s a game and not a hobby or an obligation.

How do you stop children from gambling online? Simply putting “Please confirm you are over 18″ doesn’t really work.

Children are very impressionable. As parents, we need to lead by example. I would never consider gambling online anyways, especially with chilren around. Just my opinion.
I have a family member who is addicted to gambling. It’s not fun watching them spend the mortgage payment on gambling in hopes to pay off the house.

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