Get cash for your old cell phone

How many of you bought a new phone and didn’t know what to do with the old one? Guess what, you’re not the only one! According to statistics, there are more than 5 million people in the same situation, each month!

Get cash for your old cell phone
Get cash for your old cell phone

I’m sure that most of you asked yourselves this question: “If I sell my old cell phone, will I get a fair amount of cash in return?”

Sometimes, the amount is too small and the trouble too big and you end up throwing your old cell phone… Well, you haven’t checked all the options because you could sell a cell phone to and, with prices ranging from $5 to over $300, chances are your old cell phone will bring you good money in return. pays cash for used cell phones, and makes the process simple by displaying the phones it will buy and the prices it will pay for them right on the web site. It also provides sellers with already-addressed, postage-paid mailing boxes. The site lists over 600 models from 21 manufacturers.

But if you are not that interested in money, they also have a public charity program - 911 CellPhone Bank.

You can find more info on their website.

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It seems to me will have to make arrangements to buy the cell phones from the whole world as new sets are coming everyday with new features. New technologies like internet phone etc. are also taking their place and making mobile phones run just like mobiles made the landline phone run for their life.

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