How To Get The Maximum DreamsHost Promo Code Discount

If you are looking for a hosting solution you should really consider DreamHost. I cannot say that this hosting provider is the best of the best, but I think that they do have the best offer for you!
And I will help you to get the Maximum DreamsHost Promo Code Discount!

Recently, DreamHost celebrated their 11th anniversary and with this occasion they have a knock-out offer for you - “11 years of hosting Dreams”!

  • Unlimited Storage!
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • Unlimited domains hosted
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited MySQL 5 Databases
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee

… and many other features!

All this for just $8.95/month! (paid 2 years in advance)

$10.95/mo monthly, $9.95/mo for 1 year, $8.95/mo for 2 years.
$49.95 set up fee if you pay monthly.

Doesn’t it seem like a dream come true? Well, don’t rush to signing up just yet, there’s even more! Have you forgotten why you arrived on this page?

I will get to the Maximum DreamsHost Promo Code Discount right away, but first let me tell you something that I’m sure you will not going to believe!

How about getting all these goodies for an entire year for only $22.4! That’s less than $2/month!!

No, seriously, I’m not joking! After all, you came here for the Maximum DreamsHost Promo Code Discount, don’t you?!

All you have to do is to enter this promo code:


when signing up, where the field says “Optional Promo Code”.

By doing this, you’ll get the maximum discount possible - $97 discount on all hosting plans greater than the monthly payment one.

And, on top of that, you can register a new .com/net/org/info domain for free!

“That’s fantastic, but where’s the catch?“

Well, there isn’t any catch in fact. These $97 could’ve been mine as an reward from DreamHost for referring you, but I will give them to you (the discount you get comes out of this reward) and just hope that you’ll be so happy with the hosting services that you’ll going to refer other people… If that happens then I’ll get $5 for sub-referrals.
Either way, I’m glad to have helped you!

Finally, in case you’re feeling really generous and you’d like to give me something back from this discount, when you sign up use any of the following promo codes (and get a smaller discount):



Bonus tip
You can have Joomla CMS installed on your domain in just a few clicks, so you can start promoting your business. Or maybe you are interested in starting a blog - you can have the latest WordPress just the same.
I could go on with this, because there are several top website software available to choose from, but I’ll close by saying that you’ll have my support in case you’ll going to meet with difficulties in installing them.

Hopefully, this will help you!

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Reader Comments

Thanks for the useful info - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy looking at your blog.Thanks again man!

Nice! With your infor being provided, I can now guarantee to get the maximum DreamsHost promo code discount. Thanks! :)

I want to change my hosting too. Dreamshost it is so good ?

Yes…and you can try it for an entire year for only $22.4! That’s less than $2/month!!

Cool. Now I am thinking to move to DreamsHost…

Deamshost, I hear lot of thing about it, but i never try, Maybe This is the time To try it.

We have been with Dreamhost for the last 4 years and had no issues. Highly recommended hoster for your small to mid-sized business.

I never had an idea that these coupon codes can be so powerful, anyhow, thanks a lot for sharing, I will check the coupon code to get some real discount. Thanks for sharing!

You mentioned Joomla in your “Bonus Tip” there. I’ve found it to be great. Wordpress doesn’t have as many capabilities and Drupal is a little too complicated.

Go Joomla!

Very nice promo. Although Hostgator is the one mostly recognized as the King in the hosting world, Dreamhost is fast becoming its top alternative.

Maybe time will come when Hostgator and Dreamhost would be on the same level and would be fighting each other heel to heel.

Thanks for your discount codes, bro.

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