PayPerPost here I come!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for more than a month now. I finally got accepted on the PayPerPost Marketplace and I can’t wait to see how this works out for me!
I really think that this could be the best way to monetize my website now and believe me, I tried several other methods until now.

I first heard about PPP like two and a half months ago, wandering from blog to blog, but the 90 days blog existence rule kept me away for a while.
Then, there was another (small) thing – I liked to have just a teaser of my last post displayed on my blog homepage – this was in conflict with another rule, so now I have the last post fully displayed.
You should also pay attention to Transparency & Disclosure requirements – as you can see, I have a link to my Disclosure Policy page on the right sidebar of the post page.
Oh, and another thing, you can’t have any other kind of blog ads within a sponsored post - like Inline Ads or Adsense.

Although PayPerPost has some tough conditions for your blog to meet, it’s definitely worth to be patient and compile with them all!

The thing that I like most about the PPP system is that I can take an opportunity on the spot if it’s available to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like the bidding system, but I don’t really like waiting for days or even weeks before finding out whether I can take or not… you know it happens…

Another nice feature is that you could even donate what you get for a post to one of the two charities available (maybe they will add some more to choose from)!

PayPerPost here I come!

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Reader Comments

i joined about a week ago but so far havent been approved. my blog is over 90 days old but i dont know whats happening. any ideas?

I guess is because they have lots of blogs to approve… don’t worry, you’ll going to get an email from them either way.

I am yet to try this out. Is there any specific criteria to get approved? I also applied for the “reviewme” program the other day but have not heard back from them, don’t think my site was popular enough?

Yes, they have lots of them - check out their site (FAQ section).

ReviewMe is not making clear their acceptance conditions…

I Think reviewme are owned by textlinkads I think I got redirected to a tla page, (can’t properly remember) also because they seem to have high pr blogs listed only which is also a tla requirement.

Currently Google appears to be penalising some sites which sell links. You should be careful who you blog about generally, and _not_ tag your posts with ’sp0nsored’ or ‘pa1d review’, or links to PPP or TLA. That’s just asking for a knockdown.

My two pence ;)

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