Shouldn’t I just look for the cheapest car insurance quotes?

I’m actually giving serious thinking on buying a car. Though I have a pretty clear idea of what I’m looking for, I mean in terms of size, model and color, I’m still confused about the stuff related to purchasing the actual car.
For instance, choosing the right car insurance gives me a lot of headaches.

Shouldn’t I just look for the cheapest car insurance quotes?

Car InsuranceWell, it’s obvious that I’m not willing to spend too much money on this like everybody else does, but, on the other hand, there are some companies which have reduced the level of cover in order to have cheap car insurance offers. And this could result in you not being as comprehensively covered as you might think.

As usual, before making such an important step like this, I’m doing lots of researches on the Internet first. That’s how I stumbled upon, a great insurance comparing resource. They compare insurance products, not just on price, but also on their suitability to your individual requirements. This means that they are considering what actually matters to you, such as the features and benefits of a policy (free windscreen cover, no claims discounts etc.) and the excess you are going to pay.

I must add that they are offering car insurance quotes for free and at the same prices as going directly to an insurer. Moreover, to make it even easier and useful, they are providing a lot of information on their website on how to understand, shop and save money on best auto insurance!

Hope it helps!

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Reader Comments

Thank you for sharing this information. I will remember that site! It’s really a headache looking and deciding for a car insurance.

It is interesting link as well as idea to make a portal enabling to compare various insurance companies. Unfortunately there are no such webportal in my country, but hope there will appear such one. As choosong the proper insurance plan is serious trouble.

This pic and your title would make a perfect add for car insurance!

Shame I am in a different country. I will say one thing though and that is I’m not a fan of price comparison websites.

Companies now have to compete with these websites and in turn drop their prices. I found a brilliant deal with a reputable company just by going direct!

I have visited Their all packages are good and fruitful as compared to other insurance companies.

I think you should not disregard the idea that you will get what you pay for hence; in the end go for an insurance company that gives the best service.

Yeah, on one hand, you’re completely right, you need to be as close to fully covered as you can afford. But then for younger drivers, the different levels of cover can mean thousands of pound, here in the UK anyway!

hiya, found your site while looking for cheap car insurance… My wife has done it for last 5 yrs so I’m out of touch.Just wanted to say I followed your tip and I’m sorted.


That site you are talking is considered as one of the most important insurance sites on the net.

Doing business with them would be a perfect breeze…I am sure.

Car insurance varies by up to 200% between insurers, so it is an absolute must to use a comparison site, to find the top 5, say, looking at the ratings and cover and compare them. It may be worth paying slightly more, to get a courtesy car and legal cover.

I used to think cheaper was better. until my car was stolen and set on fire. Not joking. Insurance company told me fire was not covered in my policy. lol.

Sometimes in our aim of getting the cheapest car insurance, we end up to a fake insurance company and all our money and effort was wasted. I think it’s really important that we conduct a background check and all to be sure of the credibility and identity of that particular company. Just a suggestion.

For those of you in Canada check out It does require some time on your part to fill out some forms but you get an instant quote.

O asemenea femeie poate cauza un asemenea accident.Compania de asigurari cred ca a fost mai blanda cu soferul!

Actually, it’s normal that we car owners looked for cheap car insurance since our economy is bad today and we should save money as much as we can… However, not all cheap insurance are secured! We don’t know if this might be a good one or not so it’s better that before buying it make sure you have thorough investigation whether if it’s safe to buy this insurance or not.. Anyway, thanks for sharing and looking forward to the next one!!!

I’ve always wondered whether those car insurance quote sites are accurate or not. I’ve always been on my parent’s car insurance, but I recently decided to move off of it and I’ve been doing some research and actually found the different sites give different quotes. I haven’t tried before, I’m definitely interested to try it, but I’m at the point where I might just start calling local reps from all of the local insurance companies and pick amongst the cheapest…

I recently got myself the cheapest liability auto insurance I could find. I’m a pretty safe driver, so I think I’ll be in good shape. (Crossing fingers.)

Ideally, I’ll just be able to save up enough money for a “rainy day” to use if I get into an accident instead of paying out the nose every month for car insurance.

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