Trying the Fastest Way to Get Paid For Blogging

I signed up to another “get paid for blogging” kind of website. Smorty is its name. So what does this one bring new comparing to all the other ones?

First of all, I would say the fastest way to get paid for blogging. No more waiting for 30 days for the money you made on a post like on PayPerPost! And you’ll not going to get your money two times a month like on SponsoredReviews – you’ll get paid each week for the approved blog posts!

Another thing I want to mention is that the minimum amount for an approved post is $6. That would not be much for a well establish blog, but for a starting one it’s pretty good. And that’s not all – along with each approved post you’ll going to increase your Smorty smart score, which combined with your blog’s Google Page Rank can get you higher paid ad campaigns, bringing you up to even $100 per post.

Smorty smart score is calculated based on 5 factors:

  1. Googles PageRank
  2. Alexa Rankings
  3. Return rate of given tasks
  4. Approval/Decline ratio of completed tasks
  5. Number of completed tasks.

And, not like on others blog advertising networks, you are allowed to use other kinds of advertisements like Google Adsese!

There are rules to be follow as well. Apparently, there are over 25 criteria for your blog to meet in order to be approved – pretty much the same as everywhere. If you already got accepted by others, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
Also, there is a minimum requirement of 150 words, a maximum of 400 and (only) one outbound link for each post you want to be approved.

Lastly, if you want to get paid for blogging, I think that you should try as many blog advertising networks as possible to find out which fits you best!

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Reader Comments

i like the idea of getting paid for blogging. i hope i gona be there soon.

Sound to be another interesting monetizing method. I will visit the website and give it a try. Thanks for recommending!

Good luck to both of you!

Hello! I signed up for Smorty as well and I was surprised that my blog was approved so fast. Now I wait to see if it works for me:)


Appreciate the information, when i transition from reader/commentator to blogger i shall certainly find use for that. Thanks

Wow another monetizing site. $6 dollars is not bad for blogger beginners. Such site can help writers have an additional income for their blogs. Besides, it’s good to know that they pay every week for every approved blog post. Am sure a lot of writers will try Smorty. Thanks for keeping us updated with monetizing sites that you encounter

great income sourcing….I will sign up, thanks for the link………

$6 per post. Definitely worth a try. Thanks again man!

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