Canada Pardons

“Forgiveness is the economy of the heart… forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.”
(Hannah More)

These days, I came across an organization that offers services for Canada Pardons and USA entry waivers in Canada. I was a little bit surprised, as I’ve never known about the existence of such services.

Some of the services provided by this non-profit organization are:

  • Canada Pardons, which remove criminal records;
  • US waiver for legal access to the Unites States of America;
  • Honest and straightforward free counseling.

This pardons canada program is unique and helpful for people having restrictions and all sorts of limitations due to criminal records. These records are serious matters and they should be taken care of by professionals. The counseling service offered by National Pardon Centre is free of charge.

There’s an application form on the web site where people can enter their personal information and they must also specify the reason for applying, and there are two options:

  • Canadian Pardon – which refers to criminal records in Canada; people choosing this option want to be pardoned for their deed;
  • I-192 US Entry Waiver which handles with the demands of people for permission to enter the United States of America.

Some further information regarding court history is required, such as: the year you first went to court, the kind of crime you were charged with, the city you went to court and the outcome in court. If you can’t remember all the details, you don’t have to worry, because the organization will find everything for you.
So, by completing the application form you obtain a free case assessment from the pardon service organization in Canada and no commitment is required.

The pardons granted by the Organization offer individuals the opportunity to proceed in life without restrictions.

Among all the services I mentioned above, the centre is also a community that offers educational seminars throughout Quebec and Alberta.

If you or someone you know suffers from the stigmas of a criminal record don’t hesitate to contact The National Pardon Centre in Canada!

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Reader Comments

I’ve never heard about this kind of forgiveness so far… I wonder how tolerable are those people working for the organization… Hope they’re not too understanding :)


So if I get this straight this organization is able to find you a pardon for all of your crimes in Canada and find you papers to allow you to come over to the US?

This is a pretty extreme form of rehabilitation if you ask me. It makes me think that they want these people to find a new life for themselves as long as it’s not in Canada.

“…by completing the application form you obtain a free case assessment from the pardon service organization in Canada…”

From what I understand, this doesn’t mean you will be pardoned no matter what.

But consider this - maybe someone did something wrong like driving without a license more than 20 years ago and he not even got a ticket since then. I really think that such a person deserves to be pardoned, don’t you?

I think these kinds of services should be known publicly. Such a program is obviously not known by many. Pardons should be studied and taken seriously by professionals. And if they think that person deserves a pardon, they should give him that chance. It would help him start over and lead a better life.

nice story, sir…thank you :))

I think you are referring to recent criminal history, as small things that happened over 3 years ago are erased from your record AUTOMATICALLY and at no cost.
These services are useful only for people who cannot legally enter either country due to an active criminal record. This practice exists and border guards frequently check for that when they scan your id, if they find you too dangerous (at their discretion) to enter the country they will not let you through.

A criminal record is there for a reason and is a deterrent for normal people to consider crimes, as well as providing employers with information, etc. It seems that the less time criminals serve and the less harshly they are punished, the higher crime rates escalate though and I think criminals shouldn’t always be given a second chance… or 100th chance, as things are in the UK!

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