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gmc-yukon-hybridIf you intend to buy a GMC car and you are looking for comprehensive reviews on GMC cars, then allow me to introduce you a website which is especially made for this - The Car Connection dot com!

They have almost 280 GMC models listed, starting way back in 1997 and finishing with this year new models - you can sort them by popularity as well (”2008 GMC Sierra 1500” seems to be the most popular here).
You can filter all the models by year, type, price and consumption (miles per gallon).

For each model there is a photo gallery, trims and specs and you can get a free price quote as well. For some of them, there is also a full review made by’s editors, which covers styling, performance, quality, safety and features.

Here is the page designated for GMC manufacturer: gmc

As you will see, on you will be able find all the insights that you need to decide what GMC car you will going to buy.

But since all the bad things in this world seems to be related to oil, please consider buying a car that has a lower consumption of fuel, a hybrid model like Yukon Hybrid or Sierra Hybrid for example.

Hope it helps!

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Reader Comments

If it is provided by photo gallery its easy for the customers to choose one among them rather than asking the details one by one. Thanks for the site.

Thanks! I did not about this site. When you have multiple options in your front it is not easy to decide which is better. Photo gallery makes it easy for a person to take the decision.

Thanks for the site. One of the best features of an auto shopping site is comprehensive review and I guess this one provides it

Nice website. Another way I found to get reviews for used cars is to look at There you can get reviews from people who have bought the car you are looking to buy, and they will list pros and cons. Thanks.

If we were to accept the common wisdom that Porsche needed to make the Cayenne because that’s where the profits are, then fine. If only they hadn’t made it so ugly. Same goes for the Panamera. Someone should tell Porsche only the 911 should look like a 911.

I totally agree with you as i have The GMC Yukon and very happy with it. It can tow huge loads while offering impressive off-road capability. And it can do that while comfortably hauling four or five people with all their luggage. There’s plenty of power, a commanding view of the road and bad roads are not a problem. I can suggest everyone only GMC cars ever.

Thank you for sharing the website. It’s always great to read how other consumers are finding how their purchase is working out. Once you hear pros and cons from real people, it can help tremendously in your own decision to purchase a vehicle. Thanks again.


No matter what happens to GMC in the future I still love their cars =)

I think GMC is one of the good brand and I saw that website too.
It’s good website and they have some good models also I hope the car will perform good as it look alike.

Hybrid cars - it’s certainly a good way to take care of nature. But the electric car in this respect is much better. Sorry, GMC did not produce electric cars. = (

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