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Drug addictionI guess that everybody has their little addictions - could be anything: coffee, smoking, drugs, alcohol, food, sweets, women, buying, money, working, cars, speed, games, computer, blogging and so on… - some might be good and some of them might not, as long as you don’t lose “little” on the way! Otherwise, all of them are bad!

There are two which I consider to be the worst of them: drugs and alcohol! Because these are literally destroying the body bit by bit, the mind and the spirit of anyone who’s addicted to either one or (even worst) to both.

Unfortunately, in my country there have been done so few things so far in order to prevent, educate, treat and cure these diseases, that I can hardly say that these people have a chance to be rehabilitated.

A. tip
If you are looking for a drug rehab center where you can take a loved one for treatment, a drug treatment center locator might be able to help you find one near you.

For a drug rehab program to really work, the hospital is not enough and the money that our “wise guys” (i.e. governors) are stealing should be directed to places like public health system (which is awful by the way) so that a modern drug treatment center could be built.

It would be pointless to start talking about alcoholism here, that’s why I’m just going to resume it in one phrase: I’m not aware of any alcoholism rehab programs and I could scarcely say that a TV ad would be the magic answer.

Well, enough with the desolate reality from Romania…

For you, my reader, I have an advice:
Whenever you feel like you cannot control your addiction, don’t hesitate to look for help with others!

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Reader Comments

I strongly recommend you to contact the Alcoholic Anonymous people through their website. Their twelve step program is part of most effective rehab initiatives and AA will guide you no matter where you are. From them, you can get guidance to other addiction related groups too.Link given below.

Thanks for sharing!
We should do what we can to help them through other means as well, because I don’t think that there are many of them sitting in front of a computer unfortunately.

Addiction can be a very hard thing to break especially when it is something that is hurting your body and can put yourself or someone around you in danger. Thank God that I have kept away from
those types but I have my little habits or addictions that I could stop. Thanks for the post!

I have a slightly less harmful addiction, that of downloading music from the internet (not pirated I might add). :)

Thank you both for stopping by and commenting!

I have stayed away from the bad ones as well. And I’m still doing it! :)

Unfortunately, sometimes I do tend to get addicted to games…

The whole heath ledger death is a pretty grim reminder of the dangers of partying with drugs.

It’s a good posting! I do hate drugs and alcohol, especially drugs. It break people’s life…I wish many people has read this post so we can together stand againts drusgd and alcohol.

Addiction is really a hard thing to break especially if you have been doing it almost half of your life time. I agree that the 2 worst addictions are drugs and alcoholism. It not only affects your health, it also destroys your relationship with your family. There is still hope for change. Turn away from these two worst addictions. Take the first step of rehabilitation.

The rehab that helped me the most was Narconon. Check it out by going here:

Addiction is basically hard to overcome because of the cravings, quilt and depression. When someone is trying to overcome addiction it is very important to get the body free from all drug toxins in order for the person to not have craving for the drug or alcohol. Once that is accomplished following up with a good life skills program to help the person overcome others barriers helps the person to stay clean. Great post! I plan to keep up with you.

I am a recovering drug addict, I have been using drugs for 5 years on and off. I am going through a rehab right now (narconon) and i am doing great. I used use drugs alot in my work area which led me to losing 10 jobs and leading my know where in life. i just want to say life is alot better without drugs and will lead u to much greater things.

I work in a drug rehab called Narconon Arrowhead. We do things here a little different. We take care of the body first by having students go through the sauna program which cleans your body from drugs and all toxins. Our program has a success rate of over 70%. I’m sure some of you guys heard about this program.

“too much of anything is bad”.I don’t think there could be such a thing as a good addiction.The word itself has a negative connotation.I only wish there were rehab centers for all the kinds of addictions around.

It break people’s life.I think.thanks you for commenting.

Thanks for sharing this article. I think that people ought to stop addiction as soon as possible.

It takes lots of hard work to overcome addiction, there is no magic answers.

Addiction can be a very hard thing to break especially when it is something that is hurting your body. I used use drugs alot in my work area which led me to losing 10 jobs and leading my know where in life. i just want to say life is alot better without drugs and will lead u to much greater things.

My best friend had been an alcoholic for 15 years and been addicted to cocaine for the last 5. I finally talked him into trying some rehabilitation. He first got into a traditional 12 step type rehab, but very soon upon his release, he was back to his old ways. He has just recently graduated from a different type of rehab in Canadian, oklahoma. He seems happier than he’s ever been and I’m hopefull that he’s gonna be okay!!!!

Drugs and Alcoholism are two examples of addiction that is rampant nowadays. What can we do to this problems?As an individual, we should educate each one of the people especially those young ones about the bad effects of this things!Awareness is the most important to help in preventing this problems.

Alcohol and drugs are terrible, they destroy the personality, the government should develop the special programs which allow helping people who are in trouble. But the key point is how to prevent person from these addictions. This problem can’t be solved without the participation of the government. Thought I think the family plays the main role, you should be attentive with your friends and relatives, try to help in difficult situations. Because the most part of the people suffering from the addictions have tried to escape of some problems. Love can solve lives, it’s the strongest drug, if you have nice family and close friend you will not try to find new experience taking drugs or drinking.

I agree with you.Addiction may be of different types and may be on anything.But the addiction towards drugs and alcohols is the one that is most dangerous.It not only affects their health but also risks their whole life.So proper treatment through drug rehab must be done to help such people.

Truly, addiction is the evil thing that can destroy the life of the addicted as well as the lives of the people around him.And I think that the mental strength and determination are the only things that can help an addict out from the awful situation. Thanks for the post. Waiting for more.

Addiction is our worst enemy. it is not difficult to quit smoking, i had done it many times :) nice post.. today i often see people addicted to youtube.

The first step in treatment is recognition by the individual that they have a problem.

The critical ingredient missing from most treatment centers is a personalized program designed for you by highly experienced professionals with a proven track record of helping people beat their addictions. This is what CliffSideMalibu offers to its clients to help assure a fast way to recovery.

Drug and alcohol are the two things that can ruin not only one’s health but also the mind too. No medication can prevent the addict to get the awful things. It’s rehab program that is the only way to turn the addicts back into the happy path of life.

I totally agree with you regarding drugs and alcohol being the most intense of the addictions out there. I built a blog around getting help - and it’s sites like ours that hopefully could help curb these addictions.

A big part of the problem is that we’re encouraged from a young age to take drugs to cure more and more “ailments.” And this encouragement comes many times from doctors who seem to know what they’re doing. There’s certain addictions that are good. I’m addicted to exercise. I think we have to choose what not to be addicted to and take action to get rid of those things.

I was an alcoholic for 12 years and i was powerless over that and after 12 years of addiction now i am sober.

I believe drugs and alcohol addiction should be treated just as any other disease. Yes there are several persons who should be somewaht penalized for the way the use eg. alcohol - but often their misuse relates to other difficulties. There are several rehab places that can help people - you should always choose one that has proper documentation.

Addiction means a person has no control over whether he or she uses a drug or drinks. Someone who’s addicted to cocaine has grown so used to the drug that he or she has to have it. Addiction can be physical, psychological, or both.
Enabling is an easy trap to fall into. It appears as if there is nothing you can to do help, and that it is difficult and uncomfortable to shut your loved one out. Unfortunately, with drug addiction , this is a reality. Sometimes, the best action you can take is to do nothing until the addict is ready to seek help.

I used to be addicted to World of Warcraft. I used to play it over 8 hours a day for over a year. It was bad!


Addiction or dependency is related to seemingly uncontrollable urges, and arguably could have roots in genetic predispositions, treatment of dependency is conducted by a wide range of medical it also include detoxification…This will prevent it to an extent..

drug & alcohol not only fatal for a addict person but also for future generation too.i have a cousin(alcoholic)who got married couple of years ago & gave birth to a beautiful child two year ago but unfortunately he has disability with hearing & the doctor said that he was born with it because of his mother was a my advise to u guys please stop pursuing this two dangerous addiction(drug & alcohol)if not for your self then at least for Ur children sake.

Thank you so much for posting. Addiction is a beast and drug rehab programs are the best weapon against them.

drug & alchhol are the two most dangerous addiction in the world which is not only fatal for the addict people but also for peoples close to that person.the thing with addict people & their family members or friends is that they try to hide this addiction &, when things goes out of hand then the took him/her(addict person)in the rehabilitation facility but we need to realize addiction is just like all other common diseases & this needed to treat right & quickly before it goes worse.thankfully there are some rehabilitation facility like Narconon Vista Bay who can help this people to get out of this dangerous path they choose.highly recommended to anyone who been going through this addiction problem but the choice is yours guys whether u want to live a normal life or continue living this dark life, where painful death is inevitable.

Addiction to anything for that matter is extremely harmful It doesn’t necessarily have to be a banned drug or alcohol. However, I feel that any victim of addiction should have the support of his / her family in order to get through the terrible ordeal. It is of primary importance for the family members to find a good rehabilitation center and make sure that their loved one has the best facilities provided.

I’ll also add cigarettes to the list (unless that falls into the category of drugs).
Addictions especially drink and drugs are harmful but if a person wants to do it there is nothing one can do. The only thing we can hope is the person is ready to change and move onto something more worthwhile in their life.

I lost a friend to drugs and alcohol about 3 years ago, simply because no one was there to help, or lend a hand. If you know someone thats losing this fight, give support, give help!


Its not just Romania, most countries can do very little for those addicted to alcohol, drugs etc. Individuals should be motivated to resist such temptations that can ruin their lives.

Hi there,
Nice article.
Alcoholism damages your physical as well as mental health. It deteriorates your health gradually and unknowingly u become the dependent on alcohol. So its must that u get yourself overcome before its too late.

Thanking You,

Hi Shruti,
Very good comment.It is true that alcoholism will destroy human body.If we do not take proper step.
And in this regard drug rehab center is a good solution.

I agree with you… many teenager’s life is ruined because of addiction to drugs and alcohol. I have seen so many parents suffer….

I work in a drug rehab. We do things here a little different. We take care of the body first by having students go through the sauna program which cleans your body from drugs and all toxins. Our program has a success rate of over 70%. I’m sure some of you guys heard about this program.

I hate my addiction to gaming and the internet lol, and interesting article on how to ’sober up’. :p

This is the kind of blog that helps addicts hold on. I’m a recovering Heroin and Cocaine addict, and I wanted to thank you for your content. This insightful post is what will help what I call people on the edge. I’ve beem sober for almost 2 years now, and could not have done it without the proper support.

Personally I am addicted to coffee and since coffee addiction is not given full attention compared with addiction to drugs, alcohol or cigarette, I’m not in a bit afraid of what will be its consequences on my body though I know that everything that is too much can create bad effects. But there is a latest issue which I found in the web yesterday about a man who died because of an overdose of his coffee intake. Whew! Then I have the reason to be afraid, eh.

With regards to the proper authority that can handle different kinds of addiction, I only know one. That is through the forums. Just for instance the alcoholics anonymous which can be found in a certain forum in the web.

Problems of alcoholism and drug addiction - a very serious problem in our society as a whole, not just Romania. Alcoholics Anonymous of course to help people, but there are other ways to deal with this problem. For example the book by Allen Carr

Addiction to whatever drug is definitely a hard physical and mental illness and potential addict should use professional help as soon as possible, before its too late.

Reason why I am not addicted of something it is just because I don’t want to lose my self control and independence

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