Ajax Newsletter Widget for Wordpress

I’ve just finished to build my first widget for Wordpress today - Ajax Newsletter Widget :)

I’m using Sidebar Widgets Plugin (by Automattic, Inc.) and Ajax Newsletter Plugin (by Tiago Pocinho), but this last one didn’t have a widget built for it. After searching a little bit the Internet and couldn’t find it, I decided that it’s time for me to dig into it and find out how I can make it. Since it’s my first time coding something for Wordpress, it took me few hours to get it done, but I’m happy to have it now working on my site.


If you found this useful, please consider a small donation!


v1.1 : I changed the way widget options are retrieved to avoid a nasty warning message.

After downloading this plugin, extract the directory “wp-ajax-newsletter”.
Go to the Wordpress back-office and activate the plugin. This will create the needed tables in the database. After that activate the Ajax Newsletter Widget.

If you already have Ajax Newsletter Plugin installed, just download only the widget zip file and unzip it in “wp-ajax-newsletter”. Then go to plugin page and activate it. That’s it! :smile:

You can find more details about original Ajax Newsletter Plugin - including instructions, downloads etc. - here!


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Reader Comments

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thanks for this plugin Ajax Newsletter Where can I see the list of subscribers? Can we include a list of email? Can we include pictures
thank you

You can find the list of subscribers along with all the options of the Newsletter Plugin on Options->Newsletter page in admin.

Very neat! Thanks a lot for this useful piece of code!

Thanks! :)

Are you aware if the original plugin is supported by 2.3.1? I can’t seem to find any references to compatibility, but am having trouble.


I don’t know, probably not…
I’ll try to make it as soon as I’ll get a chance.

THX, for this nice plugin. I will give it a try ;)

is there any way you know of to add additional fields to the newsletter subscription form?

What exactly are you thinking of?
Maybe I’ll find the time to add them…

there are several newsletter plugins for wordpress out there but none of them offer an admin option to add additional fields to the form subscription (ie name or birthday or phone number for sms updates) the additional info would then be displayed in the user list on the newsletter admin panel. the newsletter plugin by tribulant.com advertises this feature but it doesnt work sadly…I tried it out. My clients would like to be able to at least collect name inoformation so they know more than just email addresses of subscribers. also these extra fields would need to have option of being required or not required for ajax validation. I would gladly make a donation for your time if you feel these features are possible. sadly I am a designer and not a true coder.

My friend guided me to this post and i must say that it was not a waste at all. I gave the plug in a try and it was working fine, great job. Kudos!

Nice plugin. Should come in quite handy.

Excellent newsletter with widget!
Thanks for do it.

Can you tell me if any possibility to send the newsletter in html format?

Thank you :)


I’ll try to find some time to add that too.

As I can install AjaxNewsletter twice?
I must have Newsletter in English and German. Can You help me?

I don’t think you can do that..

Maybe. But I have already installed Ajax-Newsletter three times. I changed the names of class table and database I also changed code in theme. Everything is working, howewer, there is one problem. If I send an email it always adds itself to database which is installed to the first language version. No matter which language version the mail is, on my webside it is alweys send in English and I cannot change it. I have three versions of languages: English, German and Polish. First version is English and all emails are send in this version. If I uninstall this version every emails are send to next version which is German one.
I think that I must change ID for DIV block in files wp-ajax-newsletter.php but when i change it I can’t log to Wordpress. Can you help me to do this?

Check out the sendNewsletter function to see if you changed the options there…

Thanks for the widget. I’m about to start a wp blog and will be adding this. BTW, can we add pictures?


I tested this on a WP 2.6 and all is fine, but on a WP 2.7.1. it does not work. Do you have any idea why?

It does show in the WP admin and I can add it there but fails to show in the page too.

Thanks :)

Is working :)

Bonjour à tous,
Je viens d’installer wp-ajax-newsletter sans problème, je peux inscrire un nouveau lecteur directement sur le site bien vu ensuite sur le tableau de bord
MAIS, lorsque je fais des inscritpions TEST[u] il ny a jamais d’email de confirmation dans la boite de reception du nouvel inscrit (ni dans la boite d’indésirable)..[/u] Du coup il ne reçoit pas d’email lors des nouveaux post (même lorsque j’active son compte directement sur mon tableau de bord.
Pouvez vous m’aider
Merci d’avance


I’ve just tested and it works ok on my site - you should check if you installed correctly.


Am instalat plugin-ul, insa este o forma foarte rudimentara. Cumva mai exista vreo setare de care nu stiu eu?

Ma asteptam sa fie mai degraba ca pe site-ul tau :) Se poate asa?

Ar trebui sa fie la fel ca la mine daca instalezi ambele plugin-uri (Ajax Newsletter Plugin v1.0 + Ajax Newsletter Widget v1.1).


ai si mesajul de abonare, ce trimite in email, partea de dezabonare si tot ce tine de text in limba romana?
ar fi super.


I installed the plugin but when I try to Subscribe , it give me this error :
“An error occured. Please try again later.”

can you help me?


Oh I forgot to say my WP version is 2.8.5

Way to send html.
wp-ajax-newsletter.php -> line 941, change to
$headers .= ‘Content-type: text/html;

Congratulations on your work. I have been working on widgets, gidgets, and other things in working on things on our site but I just get the idea and pay for someone to do it . I use mail chimp to add subscribers but I am just working local markets. Again congrats!


Dear Friend,

Thank you for sharing the plugin and widget but when I am trying install it on windows platform based server then widget activation is giving me error i.e. 500 internal server error.

Can you please suggest me something in this regard to fix it and activate the widget - please note that the base plugin is installed and working properly.

Thank you!

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Will it be possible soon to customize newsletter layout with html ?

Not for the moment…

I installed the plugin but when I try to Subscribe , it give me this error :
“An error occured. Please try again later.”

can you help me?


Oh I forgot to say my WP version is 2.8.5

Hi, i just downloaded the plugin 1.0 and the widget 1.1, the plugin works fine but the widget, when i try to activate it, it gives an error on line 97, could you help me out?

btw, my wp version is the 3.1

I don’t know if it’s compatible with the latest version of WP.

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