Cross-Browser Compatibility - Why?!

I’m already sick of these cross-browser compatibility issues and I guess that all web developers are too! Why in God’s name is this happening?!?
It’s driving me crazy - each time I do or add something I have to check to see how it looks in different browsers. And many of these times something is not ok and I have to loose time searching and fixing those little **** things, instead of going further…

I use Firefox and I usually check with IE6 for problems - I came to hate IE for this - giving the fact that these are the browsers most used. Here are my statistics this month:

MS Internet Explorer 53.8 %
Firefox 42.9 %

Is this enough?

Apparently not! It seems that from now on I have to check IE7 as well… because it seems to gain popularity:

MSIE 53.8 %
Msie 7.0 15.1 %
Msie 6.0 38.4 %

Today, an ex-colleague of mine, Silviu, told me that my site is broken on IE7. I already know that the menu is broken in Opera, but this really pissed me off!

Is that difficult for browsers developers to use the same set of rules???

I fixed now, but for this I had to install IE7 so I can check the result each time I play in the css file… Fortunately, I found a solution to install IE7 Standalone version, to keep IE6 as well, on Jon Galloway’s weblog - IE7 Standalone and you can download the file from here: VelocIT Tools.
For older versions of IE7, you should check this page - IE7 Standalone Launch Script.
You can check this page also, but their solution didn’t work for me: IE7: Using IE6 and IE7 together.

Some more links: Install multiple versions of IE on your PC (thx to Dustin for this), Internet Explorer 7 running side by side with IE6. (standalone).

To close this, I’m a big fan of Firefox and I hope that it will become the main browser in few years!

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Reader Comments

man, i told you when we talk, i hate ie from the bottom of my hearth.

From stat i have, IE user is about 80.22% and firefox is about 17.2%, opera is about 1.2% and safari is 0.92%.

It depends on how Internet savvy most of the users on a site are. Internet savvy users tend to use Firefox. But if you are implementing a design for a women’s magazine you should really set IE6 as your primary browser.

I keep IE7 on standalone for now, but in a couple of months I should switch IE6 with IE7: IE7 default IE browser and IE6 in standalone mode.

There’s a saying in webdesign: “Don’t forget Opera” :) since there seems to be a very (fanatic) group of people which absolutely adore Opera and all the slick buttons. Also, most PDA users keep Opera on default browser.

And since MacBooks are becoming more and more popular you should always have a Safari check every once in a while too.

A very good tool I use is BrowserShots (

You can also use MultipleIEs (made by TredoSoft) which will allow you to install any version of IE from 3-7. Really all you need is IE6 and IE7 though. But it does come in handy for me, I use it hundreds of times a day so I know the frustration when it comes to getting things to work for ie6.

Since IE7 has come out things are a little better but they still aren’t perfect. A good thing to remember is to ensure that your web site is XHTML Compliant to the W3’s standards (HTML tidy isn’t really enough).

I would also check on Safari because a lot of Mac owners use this browser. If you have Windows, you can still install a Safari browser (it is a Beta version, but still works great!) Macs are growing in market share, and as they do, Safari will be more and more popular.

I use vista. Therefore I have IE7 and firefox installed, but I cannot check my designs on IE6. Is there anyway to install IE6 on vista?

I don’t know if that’s possible…

I am too a big fan of Firefox coz life is simplier with it. I encounter same problems too sometimes I have to ask a friend in a different location what he see’s on my site. Well I hope that this thing will evolve too

Well, it’s 2011 and there’s good news and bad news.

The good news is, IE9 is coming out very soon and HTML compliance is better than ever. The bad news is, IE9 won’t work in Windows XP, so there will still be a tiny set of IE6/IE7/IE8 users hanging around.

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