How To Check Nofollow Links

I received lately emails from people, who have their website on my Do Follow List, asking me to check if they installed the do-follow plugin correctly or if they managed to remove nofollow tag from Blogger.
So, I thought it’s better to write this post about how to check nofollow links.

First of all, I’m a big fan of Firefox as the majority of the web programmers are. Firefox has a nice feature - when you select something, a link for example, the right click menu has View Source option replaced by View Selection Source option. This way you can easily check if a link has a rel=”nofollow” tag added. For IE users, I’m afraid that you’ll have to use View Source option and search through entire html source code (yeah, you need to know html a little bit) for the same thing as above.

There’s even an easier way if you are using Firefox. I installed a toolbar extension for Firefox (and Mozilla), called SearchStatus, which has a very useful option - Highlight Nofollow Links!
This extension appears at the bottom of the browser on the status bar and it displays Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and Complete Rank for each site you’re visiting!

Some more info on this extension:

“For every site you visit using, SearchStatus lets you view its Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, ranking, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo! and MSN. This combined search-related information means you can view not only the link importance of a site (according to Google), but also its traffic importance (according to Alexa), so providing a balanced view of site efficacy.”

Hope this helps!

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Reader Comments

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Great add-in, i’ve installed it. Every seconds it saves for a blogger counts…

if you have a wordpress blog you can also check how the comments are being left. If there is a “no follow” tag on the comments its obviously not working

Do you mean that a “nofollow” tag will not bring you any comments?

If so, I don’t agree with you. I don’t think that a “nofollow” tag will stop people from commenting - its absence will encourage them to do it!

No, Im saying for wordpress blogs, you can check in your comment section if your link is “no follow”

Another useful post! After reading your article I installed SearchStatus and is really cool. Thanks!


Thanks. I have been using SearchStatus for nearly a year and I was not aware it is capable of detecting nofollows. :)

Nice tool!
This would enhance my productivity in my efforts for web marketing, as well as cut the time without checking for individual links.
An indispensable tool for any web marketer indeed!

that was an awesomely knowledgible post. i have already started using “Search Status” and it is showing gr8 results and has reduced my burden by almost 60%. thanx for this blog.

Your post is most important for me.
Then I know which website is suit for backlink!!!

wow, I’m dork. I’ve had search status installed for like 3 years and never realized it had the nofollow highlighting tool. that is amazing. I’m so used to just looking at the source and using ctrl f to search for the link I was looking for. You just made my life much easier. thank you!!!

Great post!!
Now I know how to check nofollow link!
very thank!!!

very nice articles

This is funny, I have been wondering how to turn off thos red dashed boxes and finally I have an answer. I knew it was to do with no follow but didn’t know it was to do with the Search Status toolbar. Because of your article I can now do my internet banking without recoiling in horror with the amount of red dashed boxes there were! haha. Thanks a lot :-)

Thanks for sharing - that was funny indeed! :)

Hi - A great post. No Follow has taken off in a big way, I can’t believe it has become so popular. I can see why it was created, but its popularity is really undermining the way the internet was built up and how Google got to where is is today! The other plugin to use for checking nofollow is this Firefox one:

I am very happy with it and you can just flick it on and off in the status bar.

Despite all the hype there are just a handful of really useful tools out there for SEO and you just pointed one of them out to us.

The fact that it’s part of Firefox is so handy and teh price is neat also ( free )

I’m pushing hard for real estate keywords so this will make the job substantially easier so many thanks from Andrew in Australia

I’m trying to find this solution.Thanks for very great idea :)

You dont need to have the addon in firefox to check for tags.

Just hit Ctrl+F in the page source screen to open the search bar. Then type in nofollow and it will find the firs tag an automatically show it in the code.

Thanks for the info. There is no end to the great firefox extensions out there. Funny I never here of IE7 extensions,lol.

Right click on url comment and click properties. You can check no follow or external. Simple way!

nice interesting… my method of finding is go to Mozilla browser . go to view options then select page source.
when code is open then, press ctrl+f to and enter ur link then chk … liks attribute..

Search status is very good tool.very helping to search best back links.

I love firefox with search status installed. It’s a tandem to better seo decisions.

Great tip. The Firefox browser is exactly what I use to check for nofollow on websites. Thanks for the information.


Great tool. I never knew this existed! Now I just have to play around with the features to learn more.

Very usefull that SearchStatus pluggin.

I have a question: Is there a difference if you put in a link rel=”dofollow” or if you don’t specify a rel attribute?

No, there isn’t any - only rel=”nofollow” counts.

I can’t possibly express to you how useful this information has been to me. I can see, I suppose, where getting link spam could be a pain, but my blog is to where I must approve comments anyway. I would just say no to the spam, but yes to honest bloggers.

Thanks for these techniques of checking for nofollow and dofollow blogs. Despite the age of this post, I find it very helpful. I have been posting actively to certain blogs without knowing they use the nofollow tags. Thanks indeed for this and yes - you really do have a lovely and informative blog. Keep the posts coming, :)

It is perfect with firefox but how about internet explorer? lot many people do not use firefox browser.It includes many of the webmasters as well.

For IE browsers, you can check the html page source for the rel=”nofollow” attribute on anchor tag.

Thank you for the information and “do follow”!

Firefox has many nice extensions and add-ons, for webmasters and others.

i got all about checking no follow tags ,i have also made changes to my blog ,but wat excatly is it ? what difference does it make ? DOES site doesnt get indexed if its not do follow ?
pls help me on this :0)

Thanks for this informative information. This software is really good.

Thanks for this great tool…now i understood how to identify nofollow links..Thanks for this post….

Thank you for this tip. This is really helpful especially for newbies like me.

Well I have already installed another tool named SEO Quake. It is pretty good, you just have to make sure you turn off a feature called AD spy otherwise it hogs your resources. This SEO quake give you much more than just No follow detection.You guys might want to check it out.

Great article, I can’t wait until they release a good extension for chrome. This way we get the speed of chrome and the flexibility of added extensions. Firefox has been a little sluggish for me lately.

Another tool in checking a website if it is a do follow or no follow is the SEO for firefox tool. This is the most used by web masters and it is really reliable.

thx.. i will make my blog to be dofollow but I once read an article that says if a blog becomes dofollow could be banned by google. Is it true??

Of course not, amri - that’s nonsense!

Safari has a similar feature if you have the Develop menu enabled (Preferences>Advanced). Just right click a link and choose “Inspect Element” and it will bring up that link in the Source Code. You can use that feature to inspect any element on a page.

Beware though, that there are other ways to make a link nofollow. For example, putting “nofollow” in the meta=robots tag or robots.txt

I’m using FastBlogFinder for finding dofollow resurces. Very useful sofware.

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