2 funny sports videos

It has been a while since I last posted something funny, so I thought I should cheer you up with these two sports videos.

The first one is just pure comedy! I know it hurts, but I couldn’t stop laughing…

Here is what can happen on a football field!

The title of the next one is: American Samoa vs Australia 0-31

Now, please take a moment before playing the video and try to guess which sport is this about.

Did you think that it was about rugby? :)

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Check out this video!!

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Reader Comments

Thanks for sharing these videos, they’re hilarious! I sent links to my friends to visit your site so they could watch them too.

Thanks for that and for stopping by!

Hey, a good laugh is always welcome. Thanks for those videos :)

Thanks for sharing these videos.These are really funny.Some sports channel also telecast this type of funny incidence during the football match.But in my opinion football is a great game so the players and officials should be involved seriously to maintain the glory of the game.

That’s really hilarious video clips. Me with my sister laugh so much. :) ahahhaha

I like that, this is funny. It was some time since you made that post, and it is still funny!

Great laughter and really they are funny, also after a long time I’ve seen such a funny video blog. you wrote 31 but in the video scoreboard it was written 32-0 goals..

I also noticed the scoreboard discrepancy too. Good videos, though!

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