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Big Changes On My Do Follow List!

Some of you might have already noticed in the last couple of days, that there are some big changes on my Do Follow List!
If you haven’t, then you should read this post and then go and see for yourself!
OK, here they are:
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Popularity: 31% [?]


From the series of “make money from your blog” kind of websites, I present you bloggerwave!
If you want to make some extra money, it’s worth trying!

Popularity: 6% [?]

Page Rank Update

Today I bumped into the nicest Google surprise so far - a page rank update for my site. I first thought that it was a mistake and I actually reloaded the page to check it again. But it really happened…

Popularity: 3% [?]

PayPal in Romania

PayPal has finally decided to add Romania to “Send Receive Withdraw” list. That means that from now on you can withdraw funds received into your PayPal account to your credit or debit card.

Popularity: 16% [?]

Trying the Fastest Way to Get Paid For Blogging

I signed up to another “get paid for blogging” kind of website. Smorty is its name. So what does this one bring new comparing to all the other ones?
First of all, I would say the fastest way to get paid for blogging.

Popularity: 8% [?]

Blogger Image Issue

I got an email from one of my readers, Rebecca, asking me to help her with a problem which might be known to other people using Blogger platform.
She wants to display her own image into the blog’s header, but right now that image doesn’t show, although the link to the image is correct.
This made me think that others might look for the same answer, so I decided to post it here.

Popularity: 8% [?]

Promoting my Do Follow List

I decided to write this post to explain a little bit the new changes and the steps that I took for promoting my Do Follow List.

When I first started the Do Follow List on my site I had told myself that it shouldn’t be just a list like on many other blogs out there.

Popularity: 12% [?]

Tip: File Sharing

Did you ever want to share a large file with your friends or your business partners? Was it too big to be attached to an email?
Yeah, it happens! Usually, an email attachment size is limited to 10 (yahoo mail) to 20 Mb (gmail).
So, here is the tip:

Popularity: 6% [?]

PayPerPost here I come!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for more than a month now. I finally got accepted on the PayPerPost Marketplace and I can’t wait to see how this works out for me!
I really think that this could be the best way to monetize my website now and believe me, I tried several other methods until now

Popularity: 5% [?]

Remove NoFollow tag from Blogger

If you want to remove the nofollow tag from a blog based on Wordpress, it’s pretty simple - you can use a plugin or just modify comments.php file from your template. But when it comes to Blogger, that’s another story.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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