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Pay Attention Or Pay The Price!

The following videos might shock you - actually they should do that - but hopefully these will make people, especially the ones behind the wheel, to think at least twice about the consequences of their actions.
Drive slowly!
Don’t drink and drive!
Use the seat belt!
There’s no second chance, so PAY ATTENTION!
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Stop Your Addiction!

I guess that everybody has their little addictions - could be anything: coffee, smoking, drugs, alcohol, food, sweets, women, buying, money, working, cars, speed, games, computer, blogging and so on… – some might be good and some of them might not, as long as you don’t loose “little” on the way! Otherwise, all of them are bad!

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Funny Monday: Falling People

Another Monday, so it’s time for another Funny Monday!
This week theme is Falling People! It’s so funny watching other people falling, right?
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Popularity: 13% [?]

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