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Things To Do in Silicon Valley As a Programmer or Tech Enthusiast

For people working in the technology industry, it is almost impossible to avoid a trip to Silicon Valley. But why would you want to? There are a handful of great things to do for anyone traveling to the valley, but for someone with a passion for technology, the opportunities are endless. This guide will describe a few of the must-try things to do while in the Valley as a programmer, startup founder, investor, or overall lover of technology.

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How To Get A PR3 Backlink

If you want to get a PR3 backlink for your site, all you have to do is to write something relating to Do Follow and include a link to Do Follow List!
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Big Changes On My Do Follow List!

Some of you might have already noticed in the last couple of days, that there are some big changes on my Do Follow List!
If you haven’t, then you should read this post and then go and see for yourself!
OK, here they are:
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Text Link Ads vs. Image Ads

Have you ever wondered which type of ads are better for your site - text link ads or image ads?
Someone said that image ads are meant to be seen and text link ads are meant to be clicked on - is this true?

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Not Another Search Engine…

In a world of search engines clearly dominated by Google, is there any place left for new search engines?
Does the huge amount of money that revolves around this business is way too powerful?

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Page Rank Update

Today I bumped into the nicest Google surprise so far - a page rank update for my site. I first thought that it was a mistake and I actually reloaded the page to check it again. But it really happened…

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Trying the Fastest Way to Get Paid For Blogging

I signed up to another “get paid for blogging” kind of website. Smorty is its name. So what does this one bring new comparing to all the other ones?
First of all, I would say the fastest way to get paid for blogging.

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Promoting my Do Follow List

I decided to write this post to explain a little bit the new changes and the steps that I took for promoting my Do Follow List.

When I first started the Do Follow List on my site I had told myself that it shouldn’t be just a list like on many other blogs out there.

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How To Check Nofollow Links

I received lately emails from people, who have their website on my Do Follow List, asking me to check if they installed the do-follow plugin correctly or if they managed to remove nofollow tag from Blogger.
So, I thought it’s better to write this post about how to check nofollow links.

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