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Things To Do in Silicon Valley As a Programmer or Tech Enthusiast

For people working in the technology industry, it is almost impossible to avoid a trip to Silicon Valley. But why would you want to? There are a handful of great things to do for anyone traveling to the valley, but for someone with a passion for technology, the opportunities are endless. This guide will describe a few of the must-try things to do while in the Valley as a programmer, startup founder, investor, or overall lover of technology.

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Pay Attention Or Pay The Price!

The following videos might shock you - actually they should do that - but hopefully these will make people, especially the ones behind the wheel, to think at least twice about the consequences of their actions.
Drive slowly!
Don’t drink and drive!
Use the seat belt!
There’s no second chance, so PAY ATTENTION!
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Maui Fishing

If you are into extreme adventures and fishing, here is an incredible opportunity to do them both! Simply get on a Maui charter fishing boat, get out in the open ocean and catch your own fish!
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Portable DVD Player For Next Trips

Wouldn’t be great if the trip to and from the destination will be less boring and much faster? What can we do to accomplish this?

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Golden Sands, here I come!

The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived!
First thing tomorrow morning, I’m going to take my sweetheart and the luggage and head to the seaside! I can’t hardly wait for these last hours to pass and to start my well-deserved one week vacation.

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Hotel Berlin Golden Beach

This is where I’m going to spend my next vacation - Golden Sands resort, Bulgaria - Hotel Berlin Golden Beach ****

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For those who can imagine a world without Romania, think again. Here is a movie which, although it’s a beer commercial after all, will change your perspective.
Discover Romania
Romania, simply surprising

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Hotel Azalia - Sf. Constantin si Elena

Hotel Azalia - statiunea Sf. Constantin si Elena din Bulgaria

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Hoteluri - Nisipurile de Aur (Golden Sands) (3)

Continuare la Hoteluri - Nisipurile de Aur (Golden Sands) (2) - hoteluri de 3 si 2 stele.

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Hoteluri - Nisipurile de Aur (Golden Sands) (2)

Lista de hoteluri din statiunea Nisipurile de Aur (Golden Sands)

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