DVD Duplicators

Nothing gets your point across faster than video. There is just no better sales tool, than a short video. However, this often requires you give your client or prospects a DVD disk with the information you want to transmit, especially if your selling strengths lie in outside sales.

Sending a video through email is not very efficient, as it takes too long to upload, and simply posting your sales video to a website like YouTube is not very ethical; as the viewer often gets other videos to come up after viewing the one you posted. The best solution lies in mailing or giving your prospect a DVD disk to view, but this involves making lots of DVD copies, a process that takes too long if you’re working on a laptop or PC. The solution is one of the DVD duplicators at SummationTechnology.com. A DVD duplicator allows you to make several DVD duplicates from one DVD.

How Many Can You Make at Once?

While all of the Summation Duplicators allow you to make simultaneous DVD’s, the actual number of copies made depends on the type of duplicator you have. But whichever DVD duplicator you purchase, know that you are getting one of the most functional and durable machines on the market. Summation is known around the world for the quality of its equipment. Every DVD duplicator undergoes a strict testing process to make sure it meets all of the Summation quality assurance requirements.

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