Improving Your Band’s Performance

Perhaps you are interested in gaining increased attendance at your concerts. Because you understand that the best way news of your band will spread is by word of mouth, you want to make your performance so memorable that people will talk about it, “Like” you on Facebook, and encourage their friends and family to come and see you perform as well. To help you with this goal, several tips have been listed below.

1. Your personal performance

The first step in having a good performance is to focus on playing your songs well on a consistent basis. To improve how your songs look on stage, try playing them in different environments, such as standing, walking or in the dark. The goal is to practice playing and singing well in a wide variety of different scenarios, to increase your chances of a good performance while on stage.

2. Your band’s performance

Your goal at each band rehearsal should be perfection. If a band member cannot play the songs without an error before rehearsal, send him home to practice. The focus of each and every rehearsal should be the synchronization and rhythm of each song.
One suggestion on how to help improve your band is this: videotape your performance. When you watch the video afterwards, turn off the volume and pay attention to the appearance of your band. For instance, take note of each musician’s on-stage positioning and use this information to help improve your stage presence.
Another idea is to make sure that you have adequate stage pockets for all of your wired connections, such as the mic and speakers. Click here to learn more.

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