Motion Spy Cameras

A motion spy cam detector is a camera with a motion detector built inside. They are used for security purposes and surveillance.

Spy cameras are resistant to weather and respond to any movement due to the built-in motion sensor. Spy cameras use an infrared technology for operating in dim light or darkness. Most spy cameras have a date and time stamp and are connected to a television for viewing. These spy cameras commence recording when they receive a signal from the alarm sensors. Most cameras mount on a bracket to allow proper coverage of an entire room.

Most spy cams connect to a real-time video recorder for recording motion detected. Most video recorders can tape up to 40 hours of video on one tape. Digital video recorders can also be used with Internet capability if needed for remote supervision.

Instead of having an external spy camera that connects to the television or computer, you can use the computer alone to record any video. Using a large capacity disk, a few days of video can easily be recorded on your computer.

Motion spy cameras come in color or black and white versions. Naturally, the black and white versions are cheaper and can capture more digital video due to there being no color.

Because of their many features, motion spy cameras are used often by government organizations, banks and other areas of high security to detect intrusions.

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