Motorola RDU2020

Whether you are organizing a production team at a world class Broadway theater or for a Hollywood movie crew, communication is the key. With the constant interruption of cellular phone service in various locations that are out of range for phone signals, or underground basement destinations that prevent clear connections, walkie talkies, also known as two-way radios become a crucial peace of equipment to keep the lines of communication constantly flowing.

In order to purchase proper two-way radios that will work in a wide range of situations and distances, consider taking a look at Motorola rdu2020 two way radios available at You should have absolutely no difficulty being able to receive business details and convey vital information with the Motorola rdu2020 that has an astounding range of 250,000 square feet that can also extend up to 20 floors in a building. With the two-way capabilities of 89 exclusive frequencies: 450-470MHz, 122 privacy codes to keep signals and clear discreet, UHF band, 2 Channels and 2-Watts you will have the power and access to privacy that you need to accommodate various situations.
If you foresee that there will be situations when workers will need to have their hands free while staying in constant contact, there is an Advanced Voice Activation feature that will come in handy. Personal preference features can even be programed from your computer with free Customer Programming Software.

The Motorola rdu2020 two-way radio is the most versatile and reliable communication device that you could ask for while working.

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