Multi-Touchscreen + High-Definition

I was telling you last week about Microsoft Surface a multi-touchscreen device which accepts input from multiple fingers and multiple users simultaneously. This thing will make an office meeting more interesting and productive, don’t you think?

But what about those cases where not all the people are in the same room, you might ask? It usually means a small room and a phone, right?


Well, just imagine how it will be when this kind of devices will be combined with high-definition video communications! I stumbled upon such a company today, LifeSize, which offer lots of products in this field, including a video conference software.

The technology is here, we just have to put it to work for us!

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Check out this video!!

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Reader Comments

That would be pretty cool. Back to the Surface thing. Will it be pointless time wasted when the use of surface is really not needed to get to that decision you could have done an hour ago without the Tech?

It is a good lead. Why have you let me down? I was looking forward to your usual Monday funnies!

@ QS
Of course, but I don’t think that you’ll have to use it in all the cases… :)

@ MS
Today it was later than usual… ;)

Got it my friend. I jumped the gun!

Technology make the distance meaningless…Communications problem are minimized everytime.

Sounds really cool, just the way they show in the movies. It should be great to have this kind of technology used more often.

I am in love with the Microsoft Surface. I have looked at several videos of it and it looks fantastic. It’s like a large iPhone! It looks like something out Minority Report.


Man I love using touchscreens they are just cool. I heard apple was guna make a multitouch tablet device, no keyboard just the touchscreen for input. That would be pretty cool I hope its true :)

It’s like a large iPhone! It looks like something out Minority Report.

It’s a good idea and a good lead by you. I think it’s a great technology.
I want to know more about high-definition video communications.

Multi Touchscren is one of the sophistication of today’s technology, this touchscreen technology certainly is one of the best today.

Multi touchscreen technology is exciting. Having owned an iphone for the last few years, the capabilities of its touchscreen are second to none. The technology is being developed at a frightening rate and it wont be long until we will be using touchscreen technology in most day to day activities.

This is really cool, this technology will be the work at home on the street everywhere.

I think that high-definition video communications would be great, but it would demand a high capacity traffic network, especially for countries like mine (Brazil).

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