4 Tips for Spotting UFOs

UFO shapesDo you believe in alien life? Do you ever stare at the night sky and wonder what else is out there? If you’re keen to catch a glimpse of the outer universe, here are just four tips for spotting UFOs.

1. Gear Up

You’ll need binoculars, flashlights and other camping equipment for your UFO mission. You might also want to invest in things like long-distance radios and heat-sensing radars. You never know when something might appear in the sky or on the ground.

2. Travel to Known Hot Spots

Roswell, New Mexico is popular among tourists, but UFOs have also been spotted with exciting frequency in places like Russia and Puerto Rico. By traveling to where they’ve appeared before, you’re that much more likely to see them again.

3. Watch Out for Fakes

According to statistics, more than 90 percent of UFO sightings are proved to be false. What people really see are jets, birds, blimps or reflections of light from their own equipment. Make sure you aren’t mistaking these common things for a genuine UFO when you’re out in the field.

4. Document Everything

No one will believe in UFOs without proof. That said, in the age of Photoshop, it will take much more than blurry picture to convince a non-believer. Bring video cameras and zoom lenses, too.

The truth is out there. Use these tips to refine your skills in locating, assessing and identifying UFOs. You can also click here to learn more about the phenomena and potential alien life in general.

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