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In my last post I was telling you about where you can search if you are looking to find a property to rent or buy in UK. Today I’m going to remain in UK area and present to you a website related to the next step - buying a car.

Mini car - Aston MartinAt Motors Today you can find all the information you need if you want to purchase a car: latest news on automobiles, useful reviews both on used and new cars, search pages for local dealers and local services, a finance center and (most important) more than 200,000 new and second hand cars to search for yours to be.

What I like most about the search process here is that, besides all regular filters, I can specify my location and how many miles I’m willing to travel for what I’m searching for.

After you have found the car you want, you should visit the Finance Center section where you can find a lot of useful information on loans and insurance. You are provided with a list from which you can choose from the three types of loans: Standard Loans, Best Secured Loans and Impaired Credit - Car Finance. You can also compare over 50 leading car insurance companies.

Definitely, a comprehensive resource that you should consider when you decided to get a car, especially if you are financial constrained to buy used car rather than a bran-new one.

Hope it helps!

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Maybe you should go on with these useful posts about UK, I think your next post should be about Shopping in UK, as the discount season gets near :)

PS: I love that tiny funny car!

Thanks for the hint! :)

I’m glad you like the mini car - I was looking for an “UK” car, but as soon as I saw this one I knew that I couldn’t find anything better.
Thanks for it to who ever designed it!

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What you need to be careful about in buying used cars in the UK are ‘dodgy motors’; cars which are ‘cut and shuts’. These are cars which are composed of two different vehicles welded together.

Many used cars here are generally cr*p; caveat emptor!

Well the good thing about cars nowadays is that you can always make use of online car sites to locate the desire car you want, whether new or used, get details for it, compare values and pricing and then purchase the one that would fit best for your taste, needs and budget.

Wow Great article buddy about these new/used cars.
Thanks for sharing :)

What a great car in the picture, anyway i don’t like buying car online. thanks for the article buddy and good luck !!

Finance Center section is really a great idea to have along with the site. This alone sets it apart from others. Great find!

Thanks for the tips on this one!

This is really informative blog.
You have nicely described.
I have visited your blog first time but I would like to visit again.

It’s necessary to know the details of cars before buying a car.It’s nice to know that in UK, there are lot of websites are available for this.If you could have provide some website for details about cars,it would be useful for everyone.Thanks for sharing this interesting article.Keep it up!

Thanks for sharing this article.I planned to buy a swift car when i was in UK.Two years ago, i was in UK.But i didn’t know how to aware of the car details,what is the procedure and all.Due to the language problem,i couldn’t able to communicate to people who lived in UK.Now i feel sad when i remember it.Anyway thanks for sharing.Keep it up!

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Very interesting model of car ! I was looking for a small car to rent when I found this on image search what type of car is this?? Does it have room for my dog tooooo. lol !!!

:idea: Sammy :arrow: :lol: :!: :?:

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