For those who can imagine a world without Romania, think again. Here is a movie which, although it’s a beer commercial after all, will change your perspective.

You want more? :smile:

Discover Romania:

Romania, simply surprising …

You want a second opinion? Look what the director of Cold Mountain (Anthony Minghella) has to say about Romania :

Thank you for watching!

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Check out this video!!

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Romania has definitely a rich history and offers many attractions. We Italians share many common things with Romanians, not to mention that Romania and Rome are etymologically one word.

Thank you for your words. Italy is a beautiful country as well and I would love to visit it soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


Just I want say Herculane Spa ,from Romania is very beautiful.

You are welcome the see that!

I really like Romainia - it is one of the few countries you visit, and you go “wow - this is not what I expected to find here”. It is definitely worth the trip :)

There is no doubt Romania is very beautiful.

Romania is a very nice place to visit, I have been once and I had a great time. The cities, the shops and even the people were just awesome!

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