Things To Do in Silicon Valley As a Programmer or Tech Enthusiast

Silicon ValleyFor people working in the technology industry, it is almost impossible to avoid a trip to Silicon Valley. But why would you want to? There are a handful of great things to do for anyone traveling to the valley, but for someone with a passion for technology, the opportunities are endless. This guide will describe a few of the must-try things to do while in the Valley as a programmer, startup founder, investor, or overall lover of technology.

Sit In On Stanford University Classes

You’ll find numerous free shuttle buses on University Ave that will take you to the campus. Email a professor beforehand and ask if you can sit in on a technology or entrepreneurship class to enhance your skills and get to know other people who share your passion.

Stop by The Googleplex for a Picture

Plenty of programmers stop by the famous headquarters just to take a picture by the impressive building. The Plex is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View and people are always buzzing by on their bikes with such an air of excitement. The site is always a thrill to visit, even if just for a picture. And, if you’re extra lucky, maybe you’ll bump into Larry or Sergey.

Go To A Meetup

Silicon Valley has plenty of groups for programmers and technology lovers who meet regularly in the city. The Googleplex evens hosts a meetup for people who create applications using Google technology to share projects and get advice. One of the more popular meetups, Hacker Dojo, gets together regularly to talk, trade ideas, and code.

Take A Break

Silicon Valley may be the home of code and technology, but it also offers opportunities to put away your text editor app, stop monitoring your server, and have fun. So even if you’re visiting Silicon Valley to scope out a potential startup job or find new funding for your business, take some time to do something unrelated to your work and programming.

San Francisco has a great music scene, so grab a flyer for an indie band’s weekend performance, or try something out of your comfort zone and get tickets to see Carrie Underwood or Kanye West. Make yourself see just one mainstream artist’s concert while in the valley, just for the ability to shock your non-programmer friends by understanding at least one of their pop culture references.

Enjoy your trip!

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